6 Ways to Improve Your Garden this New Year

Give your garden a new look this year with these 6 great garden tips!

A garden is mostly overlooked when you think about the main factors of getting your house exactly how you want it, but in actual fact, gardens can really make a house stand out far more than you’d expect.

Take a look at these 6 great tips to improve your garden this new year.

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1. Clean Up

The first, most important step is to clean up all the junk you have in your back garden/yard! Get rid of those broken plant pots, wilting plants, that ornament you dread to look at every time you enter your garden!

The sooner you get rid of all these things, the quicker you can start re-decorating your new garden! Also, give the full garden a hose down. Get the patio, and all the concrete as clean as you can before taking any further steps to making your garden perfect.

2. Turn your Patio into a Dining Area

One way to start transforming your garden, is to turn your patio into an outdoor dining area. This will be great for summer, hosting barbecues and social events, having friends over for a glass of wine in the sun etc.

There are multiple different ways you can decorate and transform your patio; maybe you would like to get a large glass table with dining chairs? Or what about building a stone barbecue with a small circle table, the possibilities are endless!

3. Rattan!

If you are considering getting some sort of outdoor furniture, I highly recommend you go for rattan! This type of garden furniture is completely versatile and goes with pretty much any style you choose. There are a range of different colours, and styles of rattan to go for. Wayfair offer a huge range of rattan furniture for you to browse at a reasonable price.

4. Consider investing in a Greenhouse

This is a game changer… invest in a Greenhouse! Not only will this create a new hobby for you to do in your spare time, it also looks incredible in your garden. Also, this can really help you save money on purchasing vegetables and fruits etc. in the long run.

Greenhouses are a great way to completely change the feel of your garden, whilst also allowing you to discover a new hobby. Two Wests offer an extensive range of all different types of greenhouses for you to purchase, look at what they can offer to suit the needs of your garden.

5. Start an Outdoor Kitchen

This links in very well with the last point about investing in a greenhouse, start an outdoor kitchen! What I mean by this is start growing your own herbs, vegetable, fruits and whatever else you like. This way, like the last point, you can save money in the long run, plus you will gain a hobby from it!

6. Add some Light in your Life

Lights really change the way a garden looks and feels. By adding lighting to your garden, you can create a lovely setting in your garden, as well as looking incredibly nice during those summer nights when you sneak into the garden for a gin with your friends… (shh I won’t tell if you don’t).

Two Wests also offer a fantastic range of lighting for you to pick from at a very good

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