How to Make Your Guest Room Look Like a Hotel Suite

Be an amazing host and transform your guest room into a hotel suite!

It is like a dream comes true when we think of making the guest room look like a hotel suite. For many of us, this can be a challenging task because we mostly remain unaware of the best ways of how to make your guest room look like a hotel suite. It should be a stress-free environment, giving an edge to our enjoyment and relaxation. Keep in mind the comfort level of the guests every time you prepare a guest room in your home. Make sure it provides the following facilities to your guests:

Featured Image: Katie Grace Designs

Anticipate Their Needs

Photo: Viscusi Elson Interior Design

We all occasionally forget a thing or two when traveling, it is good to plan a gift basket and have toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, pain medication, antacids, band-aids, razor, lip balm, shampoos, conditioner or soap. Anticipate the requirements of the customers. Every guest room should be a place where all the needful are present. For this, you should fill your shopping bag with at least the above mentioned things so that the guests are entertained in a better and most comfortable way.

Embrace Them in Warmth

Sleeping in different beds can be disturbing for anyone. Keep in mind to pull out an extra blanket and a few extra pillows so that guests can feel warm and comfortable during their stay at your home. Don’t make them feel irritating by placing rough and low quality pillows on their beds. Consider to place a mint on the pillows because this is a good tough to make the overall environment soothing.

Easy Reading

There are chances that some of your guests are habitual of reading books and magazines before going to bed. It is good to leave a few magazines, newspaper, and a number of books/novels on the dressing table so that the guests can enjoy over hot cocoa or while relaxing in bed. If they ask for a particular edition and you don’t have it, saying Sorry politely is not a big deal. Am I right?

Proper Lighting

Photo: Massuco Warner Miller Interior Design

Yes, they need proper lighting to feel relaxed. Don’t make the guest room look dark and bad. Have fancy lights placed in different corners of the room so that each and every part of it looks bright and lightened. It is alright if they turn-on all the lights for many hours. They are not going to stay at your home for a lifetime, so don’t make them feel that they have done something wrong during their stay with you.

Midnight Munchies

Unless you are very close, maybe your guests will feel awkward to raid your pantry in the middle of the night for a snack. Here you can help them by keeping a gift basket in one of the room’s corners with snacks, water bottles, and soft drinks so that they can be supplied with everything instantly whenever they feel hungry.

Leave Them Alone

Photo: White Webb

Obviously you should leave them alone in the night hours, and don’t think of peeping through their windows or staying in the next room for the whole night. Privacy of the guests has to be maintained, so that they feel like their home during their time in this particular area.

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