The Most Interesting Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

Don’t forget about your windows! Here is what you should watch out for…

When it comes to décor the house, we need to pay attention to each and every corner so that nothing is missed. Congratulations, it is your right decision to have a renovation of the house. While you are conscious about the beautiful rooms, spacious living area, and comfort zone of kitchen as well as bathrooms, don’t forget to give a marvellous touch to your windows. It is not okay to just décor them with curtains. Below are mentioned most interesting things your windows are trying to tell you.

Featured Image: Archer & Buckanan Architecture, Ltd.

1. Condensation Forms along the bottom or Corners of the Glass

Photo: Project Interiors + Aimee Wertepny

Here your windows try to tell you that the house isn’t ventilated perfectly, or there may be high amount of moisture so you need to allow the sunlight to come in and make the home brighter and warmer. Usually the people living in warm climates consider to have condensation along the bottom or corners of the glasses so that direct sunlight can be prevented to enter. It is perfect to create a balance. Your rooms should neither be too dry nor much wet.

2. Condensation Forms between the Panes of Glass

The windows are trying to tell that the seals on the double- or triple-pane window are deteriorating or proved to be failed, allowing outside air to enter the rooms in excess. In this way, moisture and dust particles keep on entering your home easily; this may make your home look dusty, making it unhygienic. I recommend to not replace the entire window, but your moisture-failed panels with the better ones.

3. Condensation Forms in the center of the Glass, Inside the house

Photo: Shannon Malone

Your windows are trying to say that you have gotten a gas leak and this is where you need to pay immediate attention. This is usually a problem in double-pane, gas-filled windows. The gas, typically argon, keeps on leaking out from the two panes and needs to get settled before it ruins your indoor environment. It is likely to leave scratch marks or roughness onto the glass of your windows, or may be the curtains would start looking very ugly. I recommend that if you find such a problem, add argon to your windows which acts as a wonderful insulator.

4. Your double-hung window is hard to open and close

If your double-hung window is hard to open and close then the window is tell that the wood is swelling, so needs your urgent attention. Wood windows have always been a dream of many of us. In most of the cases, we fail to understand which type or quality of wood can be used in windows. Whatever you use, make sure the wood windows don’t swell in the times when they are dump or the air has high level of humidity. This can lead them to become rough for operating, and they may get broken. Allow your windows to operate smoothly. For this, replace the wood or have silicon or other lubricant in their sliding tracks.

Your windows are not only purposed to safeguard your home from climatic changes, but also give beauty and charm to your indoor environment. At the same time, they require your attention and proper care.

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