Treat Your Windows with the Best Window Treatment

Dress up your boring windows with these ingenious window treatment ideas!

Often while designing our home, we pay the least amount of attention to the windows. Windows are considered only as a place to hang curtains. But, what we tend to forget is that a window has a potential to become a talking point only if they are treated right.

Today, there are many trends doing rounds in the interior designing world. Here is our take on the best window treatment for your window.

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Talk about blinds and the first thing that comes to mind is wooden blinds. Wooden blinds look classy. They enhance the look of the window. This is the most fuss-free way to give a stylish twist to the plain windows.

You get ample of options to choose from. You can choose from bamboo to ebony. You can decide the slat size. If you are tight on budget, you can opt for faux wood blind. A blind that looks exactly like the wooden blinds and comes with an affordable price tag. Speaking of affordability, you can now buy your blinds online and save by opting for a DIY install.


Wooden blinds ensure privacy and also, allow natural light to get into the room. Further, you can add on more drama by layering the wooden blinds with beautiful drapery. You can also consider vertical blinds or mini blinds. But, before you consider this window treatment, put the best window screen repair service to work, if required.

Curtains and Drapery

If you want your home to spell luxury, invest in rich curtains and drapery. This window treatment is very exotic.

The best thing about using curtains and drapery is that you get millions of options at your disposal. You can choose from various prints, various fabrics and various colors. You can give an easy- breezy feel to your space by opting for draperies in sheer fabrics. Likewise, you can choose cool colors in light fabrics. The reason why I love drapery is because it’s an easy way to decorate your home by bringing in a pop of color and life to your space!

If you want a luxurious feel for your space, you can opt for lush fabrics like velvet and rich colors. You can give any character to your space with the help of this window treatment.

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Shutters are modern and chic. They look phenomenal and give a distinct personality to your window. Not only beautiful, but shutters are amazingly functional. They offer privacy, give you the liberty to control the incoming heat. Shutters also insulate against cold, heat as well as sound.

There are a variety of shutter designs to choose from. Plantation shutters, shaker style shutters, cafe style shutters, and so on. Shutters are the latest in- thing and are here to stay.

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Shades are often used interchangeably with blinds. But, they are cheaper than blinds in general. Unlike blinds, shades do not have vanes or slats. Shades offer privacy but, do not block the natural light completely instead, they filter the light. Installing something like Roman blinds in your kitchen is a smart way to add some privacy and an easy kitchen makeover idea you can do this summer!

They look pretty and make up for a classic window treatment option. They are available in different materials like linen, cotton, and polyester. There are various kinds of shades on the market. Pleated shades, solar/ roller shades, honeycomb/ cellular shades, Roman shades, etc.

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All these kinds of shades have their distinctive character and functionality. You can choose the one that best matches to your preference.

Window treatments are a subject to consider when designing a house. A beautifully done window treatment can be the focal point of your home.

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