5 Tips to Ready Your Home for the Market

Get your home ready for a quick sale by decorating it to sell – here’s how!

Selling your home can be both exhausting and exhilarating. You want to make a great impression on potential buyers as they come through your home but may not know where to begin. Time is also a factor for many people, since it seems to be something we are all lacking these days. You don’t have to do everything alone. there are professionals within the area of home staging in Mississauga who can help in making the process less stressful and much more fruitful.

Add Curtains

If you do not have window coverings in your home, especially key areas like living rooms and bedrooms, invest in some. These add character, depth and warmth to your home. There are also a wonderful way to brighten up a bad view! Window coverings can also make small windows appear larger and hide flaws such as snags in the screening.

Pack Away Personal Photos

It is sad to see them taken down and packed away, but potential buyers want to envision themselves in your home. Your family reunion photos or wedding shots may distract them from seeing themselves as the new owners. Aside from depersonalization, taking down photos makes the room appear larger and more open.

Clean Your Bathroom

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This may seem like a no-brainer but many sellers have no idea how important this is. A single hair, stain or soap scum residue can be very off-putting for potential buyers. Despite how simple it is to clean themselves, their first reaction is that your house is filthy. Extreme opinion, yes, but first impressions are everything. So scrub that tub, brush the toilet, wipe the counters and don’t forget the mirror! Are you slow at cleaning? Check out these 7 mistakes that slow you down when cleaning your home.

Consider Furniture Throws

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If you have older furniture or pieces which have seen better days, consider a few furniture throws to cover them. The throws not only act as a mask to the less than perfect furniture you may have but also are great ways to add color and charm to a room. You can choose prints for basic rooms or bright colors for muted spaces. Throws make your space more visually pleasing which is key in selling your home.

Add Lighting Wherever Possible

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What is great about this is you can take this lighting with you for your new home. Lighting is often cited as an issue when people view homes. By adding floor lamps throughout your living room, you give the appearance of a brighter space. Similarly, bedside lamps can not only add light to your room but give it character. Using these kinds of lighting tricks allow buyers to see the space completely. Your entire home will appear larger as well, with well placed lighting.

Consider Selling to an Investment Company

If you are still having troubles selling your home, you can always consider selling to an investment company. You can sell your house with Apex Invests, where they will purchased your house for cash as-is. You can receive your funds in a week and move out, without having to worry about renovations, repairs, and holding an open house. You can also consider hiring a management company to take care of your property for you. Check out Hawes Real Estate & Property Management to learn more about the opportunities with your home.

You don’t have to break the bank to get your home market ready. In fact, some of these tips just need a little elbow grease and time. It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience and you don’t need to renovate your entire home just to sell. Give yourself a break. Follow these five handy tips to selling your home with less worry. And when all else fails, keep in mind there are professionals out there to help when you need it.

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