How to Makeover a Room from Top to Bottom

Give your room a fresh look for summer with a makeover from top to bottom!

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People derive a great deal of satisfaction from changing the way a room looks by turning it on its head and making it look like something completely different. There are so many options for styling and decorating that it can be overwhelming to consider doing a total room makeover. But don’t fret: here is the ultimate guide on how to makeover a room from top to bottom.

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  1. Empty the room out completely.
  2. Paint the room in your choice of color. Accent walls are still pretty popular these days so consider using two colors. I painted my son’s room one shade of blue and the closet wall another shade of blue. It added a subtle touch to the room without overpowering it.
  3. Rip up the floor. Yes, paint the walls before you replace the floor. Unless you plan to reuse the flooring somewhere else in your home, spilling paint or getting paint splatter on the floor is no big deal. Replace said floor.
  4. Change out the internal doors so that your room has a fresh face right from the moment you approach it. This includes any closet doors you may have inside the room as well.  It’s best to put your furniture back in your room with the door off.
  5. Outline where you want your furniture to go and decide if you are going to buy new furniture or reuse your existing furniture. If you reuse existing furniture, consider giving it a facelift with paint or stain. Arrange your furniture in the new order you want it to live in the room. Don’t forget accent furniture like side tables or buffets, depending on which room you have decided to tackle.
  6. Start adding in texture and accent pieces. Get yourself some new artwork, lamps, rug, throw pillows for couches, chairs or beds. Of course, invest in new bedding if the room you are making over is a bedroom. Consider new lampshades if you don’t want to replace all of your lamps.
  7. Replace the main light fixture and to give your bedroom a luxe look for less. Opt for something big and dramatic to get the most bang for your buck.
  8. Wash the windows and replace the drapery with beautiful drapes. A lot of people are opting to go for just cleaning blinds these days, but the look of drapes softens a room and can be an inexpensive way to bring life and color to a room makeover. Consider installing stationary rods for your drapes if you don’t want to use your drapes to block out the light. These are just smaller rods that rest on either end of your window, and they don’t allow the drape to be pulled along the curtain rod. They give the look of drapes but none of the functionality.
  9. Put some of your favorite things back in the room. A bedroom decorating makeover is more about making the room more you and less magazine quality. Plus, let’s be real here: your room is only going to look brand new as soon as it’s finished. You’ll go right back to living in it the way you were before, so enjoy the newness while it lasts. Enjoy your things in the room, so it’s more you.
  10. Get fresh flowers for your room. Nothing finishes off a room makeover like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

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