Illumi Arts’ Stunning Bluetooth LED Artwork Takes Center Stage for 2017

Bring character and visual impact to your home this year with illuminated led artwork!

We caught up with Illumi Arts, a lighting company that makes gorgeous LED panelled artwork for your home. Eclectic, eye-catching, and one-of-a-kind, LED artwork is one way to make your home stand out in style. Designers are always trying to find new and exciting decorating accessories, and LED artwork is the only way to get two in one. A beautiful lighting fixture and a stunning piece of artwork that sets the mood and ambience of a room.

Meet the Creative Director

Farah Barnes, the creative director behind Illumi arts has designed a stunning collection of LED artwork that literally made our jaws drop. Her artwork reminds us of Andy Warhol’s pop artwork except lit up in lights. How amazing does that sound? It’s a great way to make a room pop with color and let the artwork take center stage as a centerpiece. * You can connect with her via Linkedin right here.

Aside from creating Illumi Arts, Farah Barnes has a long background in design and architecture. She’s actually an architectural lighting designer that has previously worked on large commercial buildings, hotels, museums, schools, and even art collector’s residences. It takes a true professional to know what type of lighting is even allowed in museums and around priceless artwork. Farah has learned the expertise of balancing the use of natural and artificial light in architecture, which is truly a skill that I see many designers do not know.

Smart Artwork

Illumi arts produces cost effective and energy efficient lighting systems, as well as smart technology that hooks up to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. To make your life even easier and a little more interesting, the LED artwork makes it easy to change colors according to your mood. There are color-changing programs that can easily be switched with a single tap on your phone! This is a great feature to have if you are a regular at hosting dinner parties or get-togethers. How about dimming the lights to a beautiful gold light during an evening dinner, or brightening to a bright blue while watching the football game? The options are absolutely endless and a wonderful smart feature to have!

Here are some of the beautiful LED lighting artwork that is available to buy online at the Illumi Arts online store. Our favorites are the Sahara zebra piece as well as the tiger print Milan artwork.

What the Future Holds

You can expect to see a lot coming from Illumi Arts in the next few years, as Farah Barnes continues to expand her stunning collection of LED artwork. After catching up with her in a recent interview, we learned she will be working on an impressive project in 2018 doing modern museum lighting in Athens, Greece. She has also worked on countless lighting projects in the UAE for 11 years, as well as in the United States, Middle East and Europe. She hopes to open a new branch in Abu Dhabi soon. Globetrotting obviously comes naturally for Farah, as well as her love for lighting, architecture, and design. You can definitely say there is no stopping any time soon for this lighting mogul. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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