Declutter Your Kitchen with these Ingenious Storage Ideas

In this article, learn how to wisely declutter your kitchen and make extra rooms for your kitchen wares using these ingenious storage ideas.

It feels good whenever all of your things are in a perfect place like a piece of puzzle complementing a whole picture. Just imagine a neat and organized kitchen with every spices and utensil arranged smartly. But with a limited space or a crowded kitchen area thrown in a state of chaos with loads of extra stuff, how can you maximize the storage of your small nook?

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Take advantage of using your walls, ceiling, and doors.

Take advantage and utilize your kitchen walls to create vertical spaces. The side of your kitchen counter, pantry doors, space just above the stove, and the cabinet’s door below the sink can be used to store cleaning supplies and cooking tools.

Save space on using transparent container.

Using transparent container and getting rid of those cereal boxes can save space and make your kitchen neat. You can use glass or plastic container to store your spices, chips, baking ingredients, and cereals. Arrange them based on the frequency of use and it is also necessary to label them. Another way is that you can make a color coding of labels for cooking oils, snack, condiments, etc.

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Useful and convenient Lazy Susan.

Do you usually trip over other containers when taking your favorite spread out of the fridge? Well, Lazy Susan can save you!

Get creative and start placing those containers on Lazy Susan so you just have to turn it around and save you from the hassle of tumbling containers! You can also place those spices atop of Lazy Susan for easy access.

Reuse unused file organizer

Throwing out those file organizers is a big NO. You can still use them but not as an office ware! If you’re tired of stacking and restacking your pan from largest to smallest, why don’t you try to store them vertically or rather FILE them vertically?

Reuse your old file organizer to have extra storage and space to store pots and pans, cookie sheets, cooling trays, baking tins, and cutting boards.

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DIY kitchen shelf organizer

Tired of pulling out every single pan and pot you have just to get that muffin tin you need? Try a metal shelf organizer that will perfectly fit in your shelves and see how life changing it is! A simple shelf organizer neatly placed on little gliding grooves offers an easy access to your pans, pots, dishes, etc. by sliding them out like a drawer!

Add cabinet above the window for more storage

Adding an extra cabinet above a window can serve as a good place to hide away that unused stuff you refuse to throw away. Shed light to your kitchen and enjoy that smart additional row!

Extra cheese grater, can opener, peeler, and other kitchen stuff were cluttering up your kitchen leaving it messy, crowded, and less space. We all have that kitchen tools which are seldom use and you no longer want to keep but refuse to get rid because it is such a waste. Try unloading your kitchen countertop and clean it by selling your unused kitchen stuff online through FB, Instagram or using other online selling platforms.

Here are some references that you can use on putting up unused stuff for sale online:

Now you can enjoy a spacious and organize kitchen! But always remember that decluttering a crazy kitchen doesn’t mean you always have to make room or space for something, sometimes you have to let other stuff go by selling them and benefit from them.

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