How to Make Your Windows Look Huge with Curtains!

Thinking of dressing up your windows this season? Here’s how you can make your windows look twice the size with the right window dressings!

Curtains have been around for a long, long time and most of the time, people are using them incorrectly. Heavy drapery that closes off your window and blocks natural sunlight is a daily occurrence in homes around the world. What most homeowners do not know, is how to hang curtains correctly to accentuate your windows and actually make them visually appear bigger. Here are some tips that can help you out the next time you go purchasing new window dressings for your home:

Overhang Curtain Rods

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Placing your curtain rods the right way plays a big part in how your windows appear. Make your curtain rods overhang about 15 inches off the edge of your window, if possible. This way, it visually looks like there is even more glass behind the curtains when really it’s actually the wall!

Mixing Window Dressings

Mix up window dressings by pairing curtains with window shades to really boost your curb appeal. Hang your window shades right above your curtain rod to make your windows appear taller. Then, frame the rest of your window with beautiful light curtains and run all the way down to the floor. To get this look, you may actually have to purchase custom curtains that will fit, match, and work with your windows and your existing decor. It’s hard to find a curtain fabric that matches perfectly with your decor, so sometimes going with custom curtains is your best bet!

Puddling Curtains

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This may not be your best friend when it comes to cleaning day, but puddling your curtains on the floor can dress up and make your windows look elegant. Purchase extra long curtains that are actually too long for your windows, and then let them simply droop onto the floor. This will make your windows visually appear like the run all the way down to the floor instead of half way down the wall!

Don’t Use Cheap Fabric

This tip may not make your windows appear larger, but they can make a whole worlds difference. Using cheap, see-through curtains that wrinkle easily can make your windows look exactly that – cheap. Use sturdy fabric with preferably black-out fabric (fabric that blocks sunlight) to make your windows look luxurious and expensive. You can purchase curtains that look a little more sturdy and stiff, instead of choosing thin fabric. Usually the price difference is not a great one, and this choice can make a huge difference to your windows.

Hang Your Curtain Rods Higher

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An old trick in the book, but you may not know it – hanging your curtain rods higher up above your window can make your windows look huge! I use this trick all the time to make windows look twice the size. You can also purchase a window rod that is longer as well, to make your curtain look not only taller, but also wider! Two tricks in one that will literally make your home look like a brand new one!

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