Tech Out your Bathroom with TV, Audio and More

There’s more to a bathroom renovation project than new basins and tiles. Keep reading to find out the latest bathroom trends!

Did you know you can keep up with the latest trends in technology even in this small space? Learn how to make your bathroom the most luxurious, convenient retreat with TV, audio and a few unexpected surprises.

Best of all, the technology for these updates has now reach the stage of mass adoption, meaning not only are they reliable, but you won’t have to search far and wide to find them; some are even more affordable than you think.

Photo: Frances Herrera Interior Design

For your Viewing Pleasure

Imagine hitting play and slipping into hot bath to enjoy the latest episode of your can’t-miss Netflix series. A television in the bathroom allows you to enjoy the ultimate luxury, but they’re also great for adding some Zen music and imagery to your nighttime routine, keeping up with the news in the mornings, and maybe even just to have a little background noise if things seem too quiet.

Televisions for bathrooms are waterproof models with specific features that allow them to stand up to humidity without sacrificing function, such as heated, anti-reflective screens to prevent steam, and waterproof remotes.

Photo: Paul Rice Architecture

Singing in the Shower

Instead of relying on your phone or putting your wireless speaker at risk of water and heat damage, why not kit your bathroom out with speakers? The latest models are steam and water-proof and have clean, cutting edge sound. Have them installed before the tiles go in to ensure they fit seamlessly with the design. Bathroom speakers can be installed in both walls and ceilings.

Frosted Privacy Glass

Enjoy plenty of natural light for ambiance and doing makeup, but still have plenty of privacy without the need for curtains or blinds It may not seem like much, but it’s a good idea to invest in the latest-technology frosted satin glass (made with an acid etching process) to put the finishing touch on your bathroom design. You can also opt to remodel your bathroom with DIY frosted glass film, but over time it can begin to peel away, so do it right from the start.

Photo: Fannie Allen Design

Toasty Towels and Toes

A luxury, high tech bathroom needs to be comfortable through and through, and that means keeping it warm throughout the year. Add a heated towel drawer or towel rail to ensure your towels are toasty when you reach for them and also dry quickly after use.

Underfloor heating is another wonderful technical advance for bathrooms, ensuring your floor stays dry and warm even during the coldest winter months.

Touch-free Means Germ-free

Go high tech with your toilet by opting for a model featuring touch-free flush. Simply wave your hand over the sensor to activate the flush – and unlike public bathrooms it won’t simply flush on its own. You can also opt for an even more advanced toilet with features like auto-open and close, self-cleaning mode and heated seat.

Photo: DD Ford Construction

Colorful Cleansing

Have you heard of chromotherapy? It’s an ancient concept that utilizes colors to help heal the mind and body. Light is composed of colors, and according to the philosophy, each color has a certain vibration that corresponds to different properties. Now, you can enjoy a shower with chromotherapy to help improve your mood, and possibly, address different health symptoms to promote wellness.

While you’re at it, you may as well go for digital shower controls – it’s now possible to set your temperature and pressure preferences on a digital interface and avoid having to adjust them every time you shower. The latest taps can also keep the correct shower temperature constant, and heat up in just seconds every time.

So often, when remodeling a bathroom (or designing a new one), we stop at the bath, shower and tiles. It’s easy to focus on dual basins and finding the right colors and adding in all the storage we were missing out on in our old space. But bathrooms can truly benefit from the advent of technology, making them more comfortable and adding significant value to your home.

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