Five Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Increasing value to your home is a great way to make a profit be it for your next house or because flipping houses is your job!

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Rarely do people stay in the first house they buy. Some need to upsize and downsize, whereas others view property as a means to make a profit. Regardless, increasing value to your home is a great way to make a profit be it for your next house or because flipping houses is your hobby or job. If you wish to add value to your home, here are the best ways to do just that:

1. De-Clutter

While it is a simple and minimal approach, de-cluttering is, in fact, a great way to show your house for what it is already. Throw out anything you have no use for, and be strict with what you let stay in your home. Be sure to question everything you own, and if you have no reason to have it, throw it away, sell it or donate to goodwill. Keeping your home clutter free and getting rid of unnecessary furniture that takes up precious space will only make your home feel and look smaller.

2. Add Living Space

When you add extra living space to your home, it will increase its value. While it may cost you money to begin with, the value it adds should add up to more to make it worthwhile. The best ways to add living space include having an extra bathroom, another bedroom or a second living room. You can do this via the basement, attic or extension. To ensure such work is carried out properly, hire a reputable contractor to finish basement remodeling so that it keeps damp away and is transformed into the room you want.

3. Garden Makeover

The look of your outside space can have a considerable effect on the value of your property. A tidy driveway and neat garden increases the curb appeal, making your house more attractive to buyers. Another feature that adds value is to have a decent sized, attractive garden shed in which to store tools, as well as fencing. You should also consider added a patio or decking for a luxurious outside area, ideal for summers.

4. Freshen Up

Another simple way to add value to a property is to give it a fresh look with new paint and décor. If you are looking to sell your property, rooms decorated in neutral colors allow buyers to envision their plans and ideas for the room, whereas bright, loud colors or patterns might be too distracting and make it difficult for viewers to see beyond.

5. Replace old windows

Tired windows with flaking paintwork or chipped plastic can make a property look neglected, and that may make buyers wonder what else has not been looked after properly in the property. For a fast, modern transformation, replace the old windows in your property. Not only will it look better to buyers, but it is one less thing they will have to replace if they decide to buy.

If you have decided to move home, you might be in a hurry to sell, especially if you have found a new property to move into. Whatever the reasons for selling, you should always try to get as much value out of your home as possible. While we might not all have the budget or time to go for extensions to our property, there are options we do have for adding value. If you are ready to sell, see what options you have to squeeze a little extra from your house sale, and you can put it to good use in your new home.

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