Why You Need Post-Construction Cleaning

Deep clean your home after a construction project – here’s why its super important!

Remodelling a home can be the much-needed breath of fresh air into your house that you have needed for a long time. An updated kitchen can completely change the dynamic of your space, and a redesigned bathroom can make you fall in love with your home all over again. However, no matter how clean the crew may be that did your work, you are going to want a deep clean after the construction.

Particulate matter travels great distances through your house, and can sometimes seem like it even went through walls once the work is completed. A high-quality crew of remodellers will leave their work spotless before calling the job complete, but even so, you are going to want to do extensive cleaning before you can truly enjoy the update. That is why you need to hire a cleaning service in Los Angeles.

If you still need convincing, here are a few reasons you can let yourself off the hook, and bring in the professionals.

Construction Dust Gets EVERYWHERE

If you have ever gotten work done in your home before, you already know this to be true. When you have a crew in your house sanding, cutting, plastering, or anything else related to building, it makes a TON of dust. A high-quality team of builders will make sure that their work is spotless before they wrap it up, but they are not going to go through your whole house, or dust under your couches in the next room over.

Be assured, if there was any work being done in your house, there is dust and debris from the job in every room in the building.

Enjoy Your New Remodel Like It Is New

You just spent all of this time and money designing and executing your construction, and it is time to enjoy the fruits of your work. When you build a new house, or remodel an existing room, the last thing you want to do is go in and scrub the entire place before you can really enjoy it.

Bring in a cleaning service before you spend your first night in your new area, and start off on the right foot.

Even when the construction crew cleans before leaving, they are never going to do as well as a cleaning company — meaning you are going to be on your hands and knees cleaning for a long time before it’s truly spotless.

Cleaning Services Have The Right Tools For The Job

Remember, when you are hiring a cleaning service, you are hiring a team of professionals who you can be certain are showing up with the right tools for the job. This means industrial cleaning agents, mops, vacuums, sponges, and every other specialty tool to get your post-construction space sparkling.

Unless you want to go out and buy every piece of specialty tool, and every cleaning agent that a crew will use, then save yourself space in your home by having them bring it in just for the day.

Consider It Part Of The Construction

You just spent all of this money on getting work done in your home, or for entire new construction — why not consider professional cleaning as part of the finish work? Just like you wouldn’t go through and spackle over nail holes after paying a crew to come in and do your finish carpentry, why should you go through and scrub every last corner in the house?

Your general contractor may have brought in a series of sub-contractors in order to do the work you ordered, and your cleaning crew will be the last sub-contractor of the construction process.

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