Shopping Guide for Custom Sofa Slipcovers

Instead of purchasing a new sofa, give it a brand new look with an affordable slipcover!

Here is an easy shopping guide that will help you achieve a beautiful, custom look!

Slip covers work wonders on old sofas where the upholstery is out-of-date, stained and beyond repair, and even make a great way to protect new furniture from children and pets. Here are 5 easy steps to purchase the right slipcovers for your sofa. Keep reading!

Measure Twice, Buy Once!

Slipcovers come in so many sizes making it super important to correctly measure your sofa back, armrest, as well as the longest and shortest parts of the couch. Use a measuring tape and make note of all the measurements before you go out buying your slipcover. A quick tip is I find it so much easier to compare slipcover sizes and prices online instead of going out to the store.

Decide on the Style of Your Slipcover

There are stretch slipcovers and there are non-stretch slipcovers. Stretch slipcovers seem to be a little more forgiving if you order the incorrect size. If you like would like a seamless look at looks as if your sofa is not even covered with a slipcover, it’s best to order it custom. Ordering a custom slipcover is similar to re-upholstering since its made to fit your exact sofa size just it costs a fraction of the price.

Make Sure it Matches Your Decorating Style

Depending on the theme, style and color scheme of your home, there is a slipcover for just about anyone. Make sure you choose a slipcover that matches your decorating style to make it blend in and complement your existing decorating. I would advise to choose a muted sofa color and then make your decorating pop with colorful pillows that can always be switched depending on the season.

Focus on the Type of Fabric for Your Slipcover

There are tons of different types of fabrics that you can purchase slipcovers in, but your final decision should be based on the amount and kind of use your sofa will receive. If you have pets and children find a slipcover that is made of a more durable fabric that is stain-resistant and also water resistant. There are many fabrics that can simply be wiped with a washcloth and you are good to go. If you live alone and want a more glamorous feel to your home, slipcovers are available in satin and even velvet.

Compare Prices Online

Before you hit the shops looking for your next slipcover, make sure to browse online and compare prices as well as look at reviews for various slipcover manufacturers. Coverissimo is the best maker of custom furniture slipcovers online that I know of, so make sure to do you due diligence before making a purchase that can last you the next few years.

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