Why It’s Important to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

It’s important to keep your home’s kitchen as clean as possible at all times!

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Understanding why it is so important to keep a clean kitchen is essential whether you intend to host guests in your home for an upcoming holiday or if you simply want space available to work and cook in, even on a whim.

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Germs, Germs, Germs

Did you know that most kitchens harbor more germs and bacteria than bathrooms?! While this may shock you, it is not uncommon, especially for those who enjoy cooking from scratch and using a wide variety of ingredients and foods with each meal they prepare. Even after wiping your kitchen down, germs are still likely to exist, regardless of where you have cleaned and how thorough you cleaned the space.

Minimize the risk of spreading germs and bacteria by cleaning your kitchen thoroughly at least once a week with wipedowns, dishwasher cleaning pods, and clean-ups daily. Stay on top of germs and festering bacteria by cleaning out spoiled or rotten foods frequently without allowing leftovers to sit and grow mold in your refrigerator or freezer. Date all of the items you cook or store as leftovers to prevent mold growth and the spread of bacteria once the foods themselves have expired or are no longer fresh for consumption.

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No One Wants to Cook in a Messy Kitchen

No one enjoys cooking or prepping food in a messy kitchen, even if you have experience in the food industry or with working in a restaurant. Ensuring your kitchen is cleaned and organized is a way to focus more on the tasks at hand, rather than spending an inordinate and unnecessary amount of time cleaning your kitchen when it is inconvenient for you.

Entering a clean and decluttered kitchen may feel similar to enjoying a breath of fresh air, especially if you are in need of counter space and working room to prepare a meal you have in mind for yourself or your entire family. If you enjoy cooking in your kitchen, vocalize your need for a clean working space to your partner, spouse, and even your children. Implement household chores that require all members of your household to participate, even if you are typically the only one who cooks in the kitchen.

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Less Clutter is More

Whether you prefer the small convenient pub table bistro set, or you have opted for a modern and stainless steel look, less clutter is always more when maintaining a working kitchen. A kitchen that is not cluttered is welcoming, breathable, and freeing, especially for those who work creatively while cooking and baking meals. If you enter your kitchen area and you are inundated with paperwork, bills, household manuals, and additional unnecessary clutter such as dirty dishes or plates, you are less likely to feel creative or inspired while you are in the space. A clean and clutter-free kitchen is optimal to maximize your efforts and focus anytime you are in the kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen Appear Larger

One reason to keep your kitchen clean and clear of clutter at all times is to make your kitchen appear bigger than it is in reality. Whether you have just recently added a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen or want to show off your walls and the decor you have chosen, keep your kitchen clean and clear of clutter to make your kitchen appear much larger, more open, and more modern.

Taking the time to organize your kitchen while putting in the effort to keep it clean is a way to enjoy the space you have in your home, even if you do not cook each meal from scratch throughout your days. With a clean kitchen, stress less over mess and clutter while improving your focus and ability to think, plan, and strategize for your household and family at all times.

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