How To Choose The Right Size Electric Tankless Water Heater For Your Home

 Here’s how to choose the perfect electric tankless water heater!

Electric tankless water heaters are a great alternative to conventional water heaters, but getting the right size is important! If you’re not sure which is the right size electric tankless water heater for your home, keep the following 3 factors in mind.

3 Key Factors For Choosing The Right Size Electric Tankless Water Heater

1. Temperature Rise

Water is typically set to flow through your pipes at an average temperature range of 40F – 55F. In warmer climates it will be on the higher end. Your electric tankless water heater will need to heat the water from the set temperature, which is referred to as the temperature rise.

Say, for example, your dishwasher uses hot water at 110F, and you live in Arizona where the set temperature of your kitchen faucet may be 50F. You’ll need an electric tankless water heater with a temperature rise of 60F or higher to use your dishwasher efficiently.

If another individual in the same household decides to take a shower at the same time, however, you’ll need to factor that in as well. You’ll need a unit with a higher temperature rise to avoid running out of hot water.

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2. Number of Water Appliances

Some household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines require the use of water. The capacity, number, and frequency of use for each device will be important factors to consider when you’re choosing the right size for your electric tankless water heater. A large washing machine requires less water than a tub to fill, but if you’re washing a full load of whites in hot water while your nine year old is having a bubble bath, you’ll need an electric water heater with a high flow rate to serve both adequately.

3. Flow Rate

Water flow, or flow rate, is the rate at which water flows through your pipes. The more quickly you can fill a tub, for example, the higher the flow rate. Flow rate is determined by pressure, commonly measured in one of 5 ways:

  1. m3/s (cubic meters per second)
  2. L/min (liters per minute)
  3. ft3/sec (cubic feet per second),
  4. ft3/min (cubic feet per minute, or CFM)
  5. gal/min (gallons per minute, or GPM).

If you purchase a tankless water heater, for example, you’ll typically see a GPM rating, indicating how many gallons of water per minute the unit can heat.

It’s important to ensure that your water heater supplies enough gpm to service all the faucets and water appliances in your home. A low gpm,for example, means that your use of hot water will be limited. While that may be suitable for a single-person home, a single family home will need a higher gpm to access hot water in sufficient supply.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be distracted by bells and whistles. SMART features and wifi are cool, but it’s performance that counts. An undersized electric tankless water heater will cost you added time and money you may not have. It’s worth the time to carefully assess your needs before you choose.

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