How to Organize Spring Cleaning in the Apartment?

Organize your apartment and make it look twice the size with these simple tips! 

Such a routine work should not be viewed as a waste of time and should not bring negative emotions. In order to accomplish that goal, you just need to know how to organize the cleaning process.

The primary goal of cleaning is to deprive the smallest chance of harmful microorganisms to spoil your health. It is dust and dirt – a favorable area for the appearance of fungi, ticks, viruses and bacteria. They can not only cause persistent allergies, but also cause more serious illnesses.

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How often do you need to clean the apartment?

There are several options in this regard:

Daily cleaning: This method is suitable for housewives, as it consists in regularly laying out all things in their places, rubbing dust and rubbing off dirt as it appears.

Weekly cleaning: This is the most practical option for many. Clearly once a week, on the same day, you clean your apartment, do the laundry, the ironing, clean up all the closets, etc.

Cleaning as needed: This method is suitable only for those who, in principle, are not inclined to litter or who spend most of the time at work. Some need only wipe the dust once a week and do a wet cleaning in 10 minutes.

Spring cleaning: This procedure should not be ignored even by those who adhere to the rule of daily maintenance of order in the apartment. It is performed once in three or six months – it depends on the area of ​​the house and the quality of regular cleaning in the interval.

How to clean the apartment in the best possible way?

Perfect cleaning starts with a plan for upcoming work. Determine in advance what exactly you need to wash and clean, and clearly follow the intended scheme. Pay attention to some obligatory rules of competent cleaning, which will help you actually get a good result, and not just create the appearance of cleanliness in the house:

  • Before starting cleaning, be sure to open the windows for ventilation so that all harmful fumes from chemicals and unpleasant odors of mustiness and dirt disappear.
  • Sort things that are laid out on shelves, on tables, on a mirror and in other places “at hand”. Ruthlessly send everything that is unnecessary in the trash.
  • Put things in order in the closets, putting all the things in their places. It is important not to store them in a handful until better times, but really to put and hang them methodically and accurately. Vacuum all upholstered furniture and then floors.
  • Wipe off the dust.
  • Wash floors thoroughly.

How to facilitate cleaning in the apartment?

The following rules will help you to make cleaning not just easy, but even enjoyable activity:

  • Make a plan in advance for moving around the apartment during cleaning – from large rooms to small ones.
  • Choose a specific day and start cleaning in the morning without delay. Do not forget to prepare in advance all the necessary cleaners, detergents, rags, sponges, brushes, washing powder, gloves, and possibly respirators if you intend to use caustic chemistry.
  • Engage all your family members in the work and pre-distribute all the responsibilities so that everyone knows what exactly he needs to do and what the other cares for.
  • Organize your work as much as possible on the basis of their “similarity.” For example, you can dismantle all cabinets at once, or wash windows in several rooms at once or sequentially, but for one person.
  • Perform several tasks at the same time. With this approach, you will save yourself a lot of time.
  • To clean floors, use special mops if possible with a removable roller and mechanical extraction – this also affects the speed of cleaning.
  • Regularly process household appliances, countertops and shelves with anti-dust sprays.
  • To bring your carpets back to the brand new condition, contact professional cleaning company. There is no need to dedicate a whole day in carpet cleaning, especially if you do not have the right tools and equipment for the job.

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