Décor Ideas and Tips for Your Conservatory

Conservatories are one of those rooms that never seems to be available when you want it!

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Thanks to the glass, they can be too hot in the summer and too cold and draughty in the winter- it’s hard to get it right! They look charming from the outside, as well as a cosy connection to nature, but sometimes they’re just not as practical as we hope. Here’s a few ideas to help you make the most of your conservatory and removing the disadvantages, or if you haven’t got one perhaps it will inspire you to install one in your own home…

Thanks to modern technology, you can keep your conservatory warm without any extra cost than other rooms. Double glazing of course will keep the heat in, as well as underfloor heating, it’ll be the most used room in the house in no time! Your conservatory will soon be transformed into a lavish, stylish space…

Typically, conservatories are mainly used as dining or lounge areas, or a room that goes unused most of the year! Because you can’t easily make a statement with wallpaper due to the glass, this is your opportunity to get creative in other ways.

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If you’re going down the route of under floor heating, then stay away from solid wood, as it warps and buckles under the heat. If you’ve fallen for real wood’s charm however, then engineered wood is the faultless choice as it can cope with the fluctuating temperatures. This way you’ll be getting the charming, timeless look of real wood but with this fantastic modern technology. Having under floor heating installed is the ideal first step in achieving your dream conservatory!

Patterned Dining Chairs:

Nothing shouts quaint, English cottage than upholstered dining chairs, especially floral. It will lift the room during winter and compliment your garden during summer. Go one step further by matching it with the sofa and rug.

Go for a Modern Touch:

A black framed conservatory makes for a subtle, modern elegance, all while keeping contemporary clean lines. Match this with a neutral colour palette such as ivory, grey and white as well as a neutral color for your ovolo skirting. Modern interiors exhibit clear colours, clean space and sharp lines, but warmed up with throws and fluffy rugs to increase the comfort appeal.

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Of course your conservatory will mainly host plenty of natural light during the day, but it’s worth remembering those dark November nights. Although nothing compares to natural light, make sure you have enough artificial light to keep things cosy in the evening. Lamps are good place to start, as not only do they introduce light, but can come in different designs and styles and make for attractive decoration. 

Make it Open Plan

There’s no reason your conservatory should be a completely separate room. With open plan becoming more and more popular in modern homes, why not open up your conservatory and connect it to your kitchen/living room?

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Uses You Might Not Have Thought Of:

Although conservatories are usually used as an extra living space or the dining room, why not put it to a different use? Gym, playroom, art room, library… these are only a few!

Corner Sofas

There’s nothing like them! Perfect for large families, providing a peaceful retreat, it will be the main feature of your conservatory. An extra living room is great for those who have different television preferences, as well as being a separate place to entertain guests so there’s no fighting over who has the main room!

Luxurious Textures

This is a great, less expensive way to make your space look more affluent. Velvets work a treat, along with cashmere and wool throws. Match this up with neutral tones, accompanied by a roaring fire.

Plant Room

If you’re keen on house plants, then of course the conservatory is the best place for them, as there’s an abundance of natural light coming through at all times of the year!

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