Upholstery Trends and Processes For 2020

Now that the year is coming to a close, it is important to prepare for the upcoming new year: 2020 decor trends!

That means it is already the time to do some research on what the upcoming trends are. Just like with music, fashion, photography, art and design, there are also different kinds of upholstery trends to look out for in 2020. But unlike with fashion where you could buy a shirt that may cost less than £10 just to keep up with the latest fashion trends in terms of colour, with upholstery, it would cost too much if you were to keep up and follow every single trend. But that does not mean that you need to be left behind in regards to the latest trends. You could simply have do-it-yourself projects at home and reupholster your old pieces of furniture to stay fresh, modern, and up to date with the latest trends. It would cost you much less than buying a new piece of furniture, and all you need are the right set of upholstery tools to get you started.


To start off with the upcoming trends for 2020, you must first, of course, do the first step of removing your current fabric on your upholstered piece of furniture. Upholstery fabrics are usually attached to the wooden frames of pieces of furniture with the use of either nails, tacks, or staples. For the first step, you would need to get yourself a handy staple and some tack lifters and removers to make it easier. With the use of such removers paired with claws, pliers, and pincers, you would be able to easily remove the fabric attachment. With the proper tools, you would lessen the chance of damaging the fabric or the wood that you are working with and make sure that your piece of furniture would still be durable enough for reupholstering.

Fabric Cutting

With upholstered pieces of furniture, you can choose which kind of fabric you could use to cover the shape of your furniture. For 2020, the trendy material that you could use for it is vegetable fabrics. You could also use fabrics of your choice that match the colour trends for the year, such as grey, pink, purple, or green. You could also choose to add fabrics which boast textures that feel nostalgic which will also be in trend for 2020. In fact, as 2019 saw the celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus, we are going to see the trend of nostalgic textures dominate the upholstery industry next year.

When cutting your fabric, you would need to be as precise and accurate as you can so as to not only be wasteful with your raw materials but of course, so that you would not have a messy and torn looking finished product. You can use marking pencils, wax pencils or crayons, or even chalks to help you make perfect measurements. Once you are done and sure about the measurements, you can start cutting with specialised shears. There are different lengths and kinds of shears you could use which are specific to certain fabrics like leather, carpets, or other heavy-duty fabrics. In fact, there are also left-handed shears you could choose from if you are left-handed.


When you have the base of the piece of furniture ready for you to attach the fabric on, you would also need specific tools to help you attach the fabric easily to make the process easier. Using the proper tools in this specific and final step, you would also be guaranteed of a very durable and well put together final product that could last you throughout the whole year, or maybe even more. You can choose from different kinds of mallets and hammers to help you with nailing in upholstery nails or tacks to attach your fabric to the wood. You could also use the help of hotmelt adhesive applicators or glue guns for less heavier fabrics. You can also opt to sew your materials or sew fabrics on top of each other to create patterns and designs. You have a wide array of needles you could choose from to help you sew any kind and type of fabric you would like to use – no matter how heavy, light, or sensitive and vulnerable it might be. No matter what you choose, you have an extensive list of choices at Heico Direct. While you are looking to shop for all of your upholstery tools essentials, do not forget to also grab yourself an apron while you are at it.

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