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Make your windows stand out with the perfect set of blinds!

Featured photo By: Rosewood Custom Builders

I’ve always felt as though I needed some blinds for my conservatory, aesthetically it’s one of my favourite rooms of the house, but in the peak of summer, it feels like sitting in an oven, it can get unbearably hot, it’s difficult to enjoy a glass of wine in a room that feels more like a sauna than a conservatory. It’s also a very difficult room to choose blinds for, with all the separate windows I have no idea what the best way to cover them is. I had a look around, searching for things as simple as “conservatory blinds” I then stumbled across something called a Perfect Fit blind. For those of you who have never heard of a perfect fit blind (much like me at the time) It’s basically a blind within a frame that allows for much easier installation than your standard blind, not to mention the fact that with Perfect Fit blinds there is absolutely zero drilling involved (which is always welcome) . After seeing Make My Blinds range of aluminium perfect fit blinds, I finally felt like I had finally found the perfect blind for my conservatory.

Photo By: Talianko Design Group, LLC

After reaching out to Make My Blinds they agreed to send me some free samples and then kindly agreed to gift me some perfect fit blinds for the purpose of this review. The exact blind I decided to go with was the [blind name], So I measured up my window, gave them my sizes and just like that my new blind was on its way. As soon as I took it out of the box I knew that I had made the right decision, the blind was honestly gorgeous, I knew the [colour] would contrast beautifully with the [colour].

Installation of my new blinds was as easy as I had hoped, no drilling, I simply took the brackets provided and slid them between the rubber beading in my window, and the frame simply clipped onto the brackets. If you’re as much of a DIY novice as I am and have some slight reservations about installing a blind all by yourself, then I would highly recommend going for Perfect Fits, they are ideal for UPVC double glazed windows, conservatories, bi-fold doors and patio doors. I can only imagine how much it would have cost me to have a blind company measure and install my conservatory blinds for me, which at one point I was actually considering. Perfect fit blinds find the middle ground when it comes to saving money as well as time and effort. I felt a little full of myself when I stepped back to look at my new blinds sitting perfectly in my conservatory window, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you’ve saved money by doing something yourself (even if the Perfect Fit frame had done most of the work for me).

Photo By: Group3

So, do I recommend Perfect Fit blinds…yes…yes I do. My conservatory now not only looks a whole lot nicer, but is also a lot more practical, I can now eat and drink happily in my conservatory in the peak of the summer, and let the blinds block out those pesky sun rays. If you’re worried about the installation of your new blinds then I urge you to have a look at Make My Blinds range of Perfect Fits[link]. If you’ve got a conservatory, or any UPVC window for that matter, they are ideal. Not to mention they fact they they look beautiful too, I regularly get compliments on my conservatory blinds from house guests, I usually like to drop in the fact that I installed them myself just to impress them even more.

Make My Blinds not only provided me with my beautiful new blinds, but also made the whole process even easier with their handy measuring and installation guides, I would highly recommend.

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