Top Interior Design Trends for 2020

Make your home trending in 2020 with these hot interior design trends!

Photos By: Studio Sven

When you come home and sit on your couch, do you feel serene and relaxed, or look around longing for a space that welcomes you? If your home is in need of a refresh, there are a few upgrades that are on trend for 2020 that can take it up a notch and turn your home into a sanctuary. An added bonus is that by revamping your home, you can also make upgrades that’ll increase your home’s value.


Adding color is always a good idea to give your space a refresh, and you’d be surprised at how adding color in a strategic place can add life to a weary room, and is one of the top home improvement projects that you can take on. In 2020, color is becoming the new neutral, and that means it isn’t reserved for accents. Consider painting an entire wall, repainting a cabinet in a fresh color, or getting a couch cover in a bold color, with jewel tones, warm colors, and saturated hues taking center stage. Pinks, oranges, and greens are popular tones to consider. 


If bold colors aren’t your thing, you can hop on another design trend, that goes for a more neutral approach. Two-tone rooms are also taking the lead: Think white walls with dark molding, or a fireplace. Taking this approach might be more of an investment as you may need to repaint the room that you are focusing on, but it is sure to give it a modern and fresh look. 


Continuing with the trend of going bold — don’t shy away from patterns. Patterns can be for pillows, rugs, tiles, comforters, and throw blankets. And you don’t need to stick to just one area, layered patterns is a big trend for 2020. Think of a matching pattern that goes from the bedding, to a wall, or a pattern with a similar theme (like florals). The key is to get creative and use patterns as a way to add texture and color to your space. 


In 2020, people are looking for ways to connect with nature, and that includes bringing the natural world home. Plants are one huge trend this year, but not just any plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, we have good news for you. Low maintenance plants like succulents and air plants are in, and you can use them in creative ways by hanging them, or creating an entire wall or frame of green. Natural materials can also be introduced through a rafia rug, woven pots for your hanging plants, or a bamboo or cane side table. Bringing nature into your home will refresh it, and add light and energy.

Unique rugs

An easy way to refresh a room is to ditch your old rugs in favor of something modern. These aren’t your grandma’s area rugs. Rugs in 2020 are bold, in unique shapes and with unexpected patterns and colors.

To revamp your home in 2020, consider these design trends, but remember that your home is about you. You want to create a space that makes you feel comfortable and that you look forward to relaxing in, at the end of a long day. Trends change but sticking with a style that is authentically you will always be best. 

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