Your “Go To” Upholstery Store

Upholstering furniture? Read this before starting a new upholstery project!

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Whether you are doing a new upholstery project from scratch, or just simply trying to save money by reupholstering an old piece of furniture, you should know where to get the best upholstery supplies, materials and tools for you to be able to have the best execution ever. Whether it is for the tools that you would be needing, tapes and adhesives, sewing threads, castors, or even the types and kinds of upholstery nails that you would be using, you should know the best place to buy quality materials for you to get your money’s worth. Your one-stop shop for everything upholstery is none other than Heico Direct, United Kingdom’s leading upholstery supplier.

Everything Under One Roof

Everything you need for any kind of upholstery project is already available from Heico Direct. Going through the hassle of shop hopping is no longer a problem because you could conveniently do everything at the comfort of your own home through their online shop. There is no wasted gas or even wasted energy. All you have to do is sit down comfortably, you could even be in your pyjamas and go through their website. Once you click check-out, all you have to do is to wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep, and you are good to go. You could already design and make a whole piece of upholstered chair, ottoman, or even couch without the fuss, mess, and difficulties.

Unique Pieces

At Heico Direct, there is a huge variety of materials and tools you could choose from. In fact, there are certain pieces that you didn’t even know existed in the market. Even with their upholstery nails line, they have such great choice with the different types, kinds, sizes, shapes, and colours you could choose from. You might think that nails are just nails with a simple nail head and a body. But upholstery nails could actually be decorative. And with upholstered pieces of furniture, it is in the smallest of details that make each piece unique and stand out. You could do that by choosing the perfect kind of upholstery nail design that would best fit your project and suit your taste.

Affordable Convenience

It is very convenient to buy from Heico Direct. For example, with upholstery nails, you could mix and match different designs and kinds for your upholstery projects because of the different quantities you could buy. The upside of getting a lot of a single kind or design is you would be able to get it for a cheaper price, though. You could save up to £0.50 or even more for each pack of 50 pieces of upholstery nails that you buy when you buy a minimum of 10 packs versus when you only buy a pack or two. If you want to physically every kind of upholstery nail they have to offer, or if you need something to show your potential clients for them to choose from, you could also opt for their upholstery nails sample board which you could buy for only £25 through their website. That way, you could easily choose which ones to buy and only buy what you like and need.

Going Beyond Furniture

The raw materials, tools, and things that you could buy from Heico Direct serves more than a purpose for your upholstery projects. There are a lot of ways you could use and apply it. With upholstery nails, it is more than just putting a piece of fabric together with a furniture skeleton or frame. You could make quirky things for your home or office like reminders or things to do board. You get a cork board and amp it up with a piece of fabric or cloth which you can use upholstery nails to make. You could even decorate it with the nails itself to make it stand out. With your favourite upholstered couch or chair, you could use upholstery nails as a décor rather than just a raw material to make it. Creating a design with it such as following the outline of your furniture frame is one of the trends in the furniture industry. You could also choose bigger sized upholstery nails to accentuate a part or create a classic and elegant touch to each piece.

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