Here’s How to Decorate Your Wedding Rental

Are you getting married soon? Here is how to decorate and reserve your wedding rental!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now comes the fun part: planning your big day. The question is, have you thought about what you want your wedding to look like? Having a vision is just part of the equation, but the vision can’t come to life without careful planning and coordination with vendors. Once you pick your date and your venue, you have a good start. With all the details to consider, you shouldn’t wait to reserve your wedding rentals until the last minute. Here are a few reasons why wedding rentals are too important to put on the back burner.

Date Dilemmas

Depending on the time of year you schedule your wedding, you may have some stiff competition. Certain dates can be incredibly busy, and rental companies may not be able to meet the demand, especially if you want too long to make a reservation. If you live in a destination wedding city, the difficulty finding venues and rentals can be even greater, and some brides plan their wedding receptions over a year from the date.

Maximum Choice

Let’s go back to your dream wedding. Does your vision include a theme, such as an art deco vibe or boho chic? Do you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, or set up a cocktail area before the meal? Perhaps you envision an after-party, with carnival foods or games. Party rental companies work hard to make the dream a reality, but if you wait too long, your choices may be limited. This is a clear case of the early bird getting the worm, or, more appropriately, the pick of the wedding table rentals.

Don’t Forget

Even if you are working with an event planner, you have so many details to remember. Add to those details the special touches that you would like, from decorations at your ceremony to water goblet rental. It’s easy to forget even essential wedding rental items, let alone some more unique options, such as lanterns or a sitting area with couches and overstuffed chairs. This list includes some of the items you should ask about when you talk to an event rental professional:

  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Table linens, runners, and napkins
  • Dishes, cutlery, and glassware
  • Candle holders and table décor
  • Rugs and floor runners

Consider some of the other things you may need to rent, such as a dance floor or popcorn machine, and you can see why it’s a lot for one person to stay on top of. If you procrastinate, many of the rental items you want may no longer be available.

Express Yourself

Couples put a lot of thought into making their special day personal, and party rental companies may stock a great variety of items from casual to formal to accommodate most ideas. If you don’t rent early, you may not have access to a custom atmosphere or even enough seating for all your friends and family. It would be a shame to not have everything organized to keep your guests happy and comfortable while they celebrate with you.

Hopefully, these scenarios can show you the importance of talking with a wedding rental company sooner rather than later. Work with a professional who can offer advice and make suggestions to make your big day a success.

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