Instagram’s Dreamiest Home Offices To Inspire Your New “Work from Home” Space

See these ideas that can help you when setting up your home office!

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The office is an increasingly necessary space in many homes. The number of people working from home is growing, as are the freelancers or freelancers who need a place to organize their papers and carry out their work tasks. The office should be a quiet and reserved place where we can focus and isolate ourselves. But this is not always possible at home. That is why we give you some ideas that can help you when setting up an office at home.

A Quiet Corner in the Home Office

The first thing to keep in mind, whenever possible, is to find a quiet room or corner. The ideal office is located in a somewhat separate room where we can be calm and away from the usual noise so that our concentration is not affected. You can take the help of santa monica interior designer for a better idea as well. But since this is not always possible and your office may have to go in a room such as the living room, bedroom or dining room, the first thing you should consider is that it be as quiet a corner as possible.

Is it better in the bedroom or in the living room? That will depend on our daily routine, on how many people live in our home on the hours you will be working. Think about all this carefully. Taking into account the hours that you will normally use your office, what is the best area to locate it? It may seem obvious to place it in the living room, but the kitchen is a less frequented area and it will give you more peace of mind. It is also important to feel comfortable about it, value all possible options and choose the best one for you.

Next to a Window

If possible, place your table next to a window so that you can see the outside. As long as it is not a very noisy street it will help us develop creativity and we will also have better light. Lighting is always very important when deciding on location. Better lighting will help us work better, especially when it comes to taking advantage of natural light. You can hire best interior design companies to implements your this idea as well.

Choose the Colors Well

Another factor to consider when designing our home office is the colors. The color with which we paint our environment influences our state of mind and our performance. That is why light colors are recommended for an office, although we can also go for some touches of color that will give us energy and dynamism. If you want to know more about which are the best colors to decorate your office? Green and pastel blue colors can also be a great idea when decorating the walls of your home office. They are relaxing colors that remind us of open spaces and that help us to be serene and focused.

The Importance of a Good Chair.

The office chair is very important, since we will spend many hours sitting there. Therefore, it is important that they are comfortable, breathable and fit our needs well. Chairs that are too rigid are not beneficial for our back if we have to spend many hours in them. Despite the fact that in many of the images of home offices we see lounge chairs, we recommend that you look for an office chair if you are going to spend enough hours in it. Your health and your back will thank you.

Storage Space

Another very important point when setting up a home office is storage. An office generates a whole series of material that you do not want to always have on the table, so it is necessary to include at least one drawer unit on or next to the desk. There you will be able to save the items that you use on a daily basis and that you don’t want to be on top of, as well as save the documentation or papers that you need. But in addition you will also need shelves or cabinets to store other types of material that you may need such as books, folders, filing cabinets, etc…

It’s always best to have everything close at hand when you work, so try to position your table near the storage area to save you continuous trips while you’re working and to make your task more fluid. You will surely appreciate it! A good idea is to use the space vertically using shelving on the walls above the work table, if possible and you do not have much space. Otherwise standing racks can also be a good solution.

Take Advantage of the Corners

If you don’t have too much space, making the most of it should be your motto. We can find tables of very different sizes or designed to take advantage of the corners and thus get the most out of the space. So don’t be discouraged if the space is small. Search and you will surely find a suitable solution that will help you create your home office. In small spaces it is always better to bet on light colors in all the elements, including the table so that it feels more spacious.

Don’t Miss a Date

The calendar is one of the elements that we use the most when we are working, to coordinate dates, check when it will be a delivery, etc … That is why it is always good to get a calendar in your home office. Whether desktop or wall-mounted, a calendar with the weeks can never be missing in an office. Don’t forget about him!

Give Importance to Lighting

Lighting is always better if it is natural. So take advantage of natural light as we told you before by placing your table near a window. Also use thin or semi-transparent curtains and light colors that help you lose the minimum of natural light. The orientation of the room is also important in getting the most out of natural light. But if you don’t have enough or you just work in hours when there isn’t enough sunlight … doesn’t forget the lamps. They are a very important element to help us work better, with more energy and without harming our eyesight.

Join the Fashion Mood Board

We have already talked about wood boards. These are the panels that hang near our work table and help us to be inspired and have everything we want to remember in sight. They are a great option so that we do not forget that great idea that occurred to us or to surround ourselves with images that inspire us and encourage our creativity. You can simply hang the images on a wall or on the cork of a lifetime … but if you want to be up to date, join the metal grilles. Metal grids are the solution to protect the wall but at the same time be able to easily hang photos, drawings, newspaper clippings … a simple idea, and a decorative one!

A Closet as an Office?

Another idea that can help us makes the most of the space. And at the same time we will always have everything hidden from the view of unexpected or inopportune visits. We love the idea of ​​using   a closet as an office. If we remove the shelves and partitions from a closet, we will have enough interior space to install a small home office with everything necessary. And with the advantage of being able to hide it at any time, a great idea!

We hope that these ideas help you when creating your home office. And this type of space is increasingly necessary even if you work in an office. There are always times when we will take advantage of this small office.

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