3 Basic Components of Vintage Style

Buying second-hand treasures is the hottest trend in fashion, as well as interior design!

Photos By: Unsplash

However, you can create vintage arrangements even if you lack time to visit antique markets and charity shops. There are two fundamentally different groups of vintage fans. The members of the first are thrilled mostly with the hunt itself – they love to wade through often cluttered shops to find real pearls on some piles or in the corner. The second group consists of people who genuinely love the vintage style – and they do not necessarily put importance to the story of the item or hunting for astonishing bargains. What matters for them is the effect.

However, how to define the vintage style itself? Technically, it consists of second-hand items. Nevertheless, in recent years the term “vintage” has slightly detached from its initial meaning. Nowadays, it is often used to describe an eclectic style composed of furniture and accessories “with history” or ones that…. pretend to have it. No holds barred! Only your imagination – and the assortment of a local shop – limits you.  

Below you will find some elements that will help you in creating a vintage look of the interiors without higher expenses.

Ceramic and Porcelain Handles

Do you love to give the furniture a second life? Adopting abandoned cupboards and chairs is something you cannot resist doing? Well, zero-waste lifestyle is in fashion – however, it’s good to renovate the furniture before putting it your interiors. Treat them with chalk paint – that doesn’t require taking off the old layers of the paint. Moreover,  change the handles. You can find a big choice of this kind of element on the market. Ceramic handles look spectacular and give the interior design a vintage vibe. Especially the porcelain ones will look stunning, especially with bright furniture.


Obviously, not blockbuster posters received for free from the local cinema. We mean rather old-style ones that will give your arrangement a nice touch. Don’t be afraid to mix! Putting together Toulouse-Lautrec’s iconic works, 90s rave announcements, modernist designs, and art house cinema posters can give stunning results. The same goes for mixing sizes!

Handmade Accessories

It is hard to imagine a valid vintage style without some handmade products. Buying second-hand allows you to avoid mass-produced items for the chain stores. Because you are not buying something new, the quality doesn’t have to be compromised. That’s why fans of vintage often have handmade, high-quality accessories at their disposal. Macramé wall hangings and flower hangers, crochet accessories, embroidered pillow covers, and so on – this will give your interior design a nice touch.

Enjoy your vintage hunt, and remember – minimalism is already passé!