10 Stylish Decoration Ideas & Themes for Recently Remodeled Basements

Thinking about remodelling your basement? Here are some stylish ideas!

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You did it. You took the plunge and finally went ahead: you have decided to remodel your basement. If your basement was something of an unused space for the last few years that you only utilized for storage, it can really twist things up to have to think of a way to design your remodeled basement.

Consider what the usage of the space is, how long you plan to live in your home, and what features may need to be installed. Once you have determined that, it’s time to consider what ideas you’re going to go with the fully finish your space.

A thing to note – some designs and themes may be more expensive than others, so budget is always good to keep in mind. Cost may be impacted by your geographical location and hourly rates of your local contractors. Calgary basement development, as an example, can cost anywhere between $28,000 to $60,000 and upwards on average. If budget is a concern of yours, keep in mind what features you can fit within your budget and don’t be afraid to mix-and-match to your liking.

Here are 10 stylish decoration ideas and themes for your newly remodelled basement.

1. A home theatre

If you have kids or often welcome over company, there’s nothing that screams “entertainment!” more than having a home theatre. Consider installing a pull-down screen and a projector for the ultimate “big screen” touch and incorporate a sound system to bring the ambience to the whole place. You can set up sofas or recliner-chairs for your audiences (or just your family.) The hardest part may be choosing a movie that everyone can agree on.

2. Try out some eclectic patterns

If your basement was feeling a touch boring, considering sprucing up the place with some eclectic patterning for the wallpaper and flooring as well as the décor. Not only does this bring some liveliness to your lowest floor, but it can make the space seem even larger than it is with bright colours that pop.

3. Make a home gym

Not a fan of your typical gym membership, or maybe your local gym is a little far for your tastes? Not to worry. A home gym can really save you some time in your day-to-day and encourage healthier habits. Turn your previously unused space into an area where you can install treadmills, put some free weights, or maybe even mount a pull-up bar.

4. Incorporate a guest room

Do you have an elderly parents living at home, or maybe adult children? Try a guest room. This can make your house seem more like a home to potential live-ins. It can also serve as a means of supplemental income for you if you decide to accept tenants.

5. Add shelving or closets for storage

You may continue to use your basement as a storage-space – and that’s okay too. Make it look a bit more appealing by using shelves, closets, and bins under the stairs.

6. Add a wet bar

If you like to have your neighbours over late in the evening, consider adding a wet bar to boost the fun. There are a lot of ways you can do this and many creative design options which will transform your basement from place of boxes to place of memories and fun times.

7. Try a barn door

It sounds a little rustic and far-out there – but a barn door that divides a playroom from the rest of your basement can be a great design choice, depending on what you are looking for. These sliding doors are easy to manage and easy to transport furniture in and out of.

8. Try some a billiard room

Fan of pool? If so, consider turning your basement space into a fun entertainment room by adding in a pool table, hockey table, dart board, or any other game which you fancy. You can go wild – so long as it doesn’t involve possibly throwing a horseshoe through a wall.

9. Convert it into an office

Converting your entire basement into a workspace or simply just a single room can be a good way to hone in on your “focus.” An office space may serve as a dedicated location for you to work so that you aren’t distracted by the other activities in your home.

10. Go for strategic lighting

Is your basement space a little small for your liking? If you are cramped for space and don’t like the look of it, try incorporating lighting in strategic niches to give the appearance of a larger space. This can make the ceiling look much higher than it is and give far more room to the area.

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