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Expand your living area with a glass extension to your home!

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The popularity of various types of glazed structures is constantly increasing. If this way of making your dwelling exterior more attractive, your home upgraded, and modern seems appealing to you, take some time to find out more about the architect solution.

What is the purpose of glass extensions?

As we may guess after having the first glimpse at the visual features of the designer solution, such a type of structure is created for the purpose of creating additional space where it’s necessary or desired. With the help of this service, everyone may display, for example, a lounge zone anywhere in the private yard next to the dwelling itself.

It’s worth mentioning that such additions aren’t created for giving more space only. These are multifunctional solutions so we should specify here one more purpose for incorporating them. So add-ons are also used to provide more natural light to the building. It is especially relevant for structures of bigger dimensions.

Last but not least, a glass house extension is an extremely stylish way to open the layout of one’s dwelling. There is a common misconception that such elements match only to buildings with modern interiors. But in fact, if integrated in the right way, such boxes may perfectly accompany houses with rather traditional designs.

Talking about present-day trends, glass extensions are frequently used to add additional space to kitchens or dining rooms. Just imagine having a romantic dinner and enjoying stars sparkling in the dark sky! Seems pretty unusual, doesn’t it?

Best design ideas

Build a patio within a glazed box

Box add-ons might be designed in a form of a patio. The common idea suits those owners who have the garden just next to the building. In order to create such a patio, you need to have the glass box extension built only from glass completely from scratch. You may arrange the area the way you like because it would be the best place in your house to have a whale of a time with your nearest and dearest.

Glassify available space

It’s not always necessary to create new space if you want to accompany the exterior of the house with glazed additions. One of the options is to simply square off or glassify the space you already have. It might appear to be the best solution for a terrace.

Add multi-storey extension

Multi-storey addition design looks ultra-impressive. Today it’s possible to build structures of the cubic form which have even a few stories. Such an idea maximizes living space to the highest necessary extent. It is what can create a true sense of openness when you live in a glazed box where there’s always bright natural light.

Open up a corner with glass

This is a small addition that is why the option is the most budget-friendly one among the above-mentioned variants. But this never makes it less impressive. Just remember to use the best material to let the brightest light in.

The best place to order glass extensions installation

When you search for the variants available by the inquire “home extensions London” in your searching browser, you come across many companies that guarantee the highest quality and the lowest prices. In point of fact, the truth is different. Nevertheless, there is a good option to consider – glassstructureslimited.com. This company is proud of its structures and they have strong reasons to take pride in. Consider the following advantages:

  • Reasonable glass extensions cost
  • High quality of structures that completely correspond to the prices
  • Savvy workers who have many years of experience in builders extensions
  • Quality materials
  • An innovative approach to installations
  • Personal requirements of clients always come first
  • Bespoke structure

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