13 Decor Ideas to Make The Most of A Small Living Room Space

When your living room is on the smaller side, it takes a little more planning to find the most efficient furniture layout to make sure the space doesn’t feel cluttered!

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You might have less room to work with here, but once you decide how you want to use the room – is it only a relaxing space or are you also adding an office corner? – it’s a good starting place to begin your decorating journey. No matter how small your living room is, you can still turn it into an inviting, functional and stylish space. Here are a couple of ideas to help you just do that:

1. Pick a neutral or white color scheme

If painting is permitted, paint your walls beige or white. Lighter colors create the impression of airiness and help make your living room look roomier than it really is. Moreover, go for white or pale-colored furnishings to match this color tone for the same reason.

2. Use vertical space to your advantage

While space is not on your side, you can make good use of the vertical space of the living room. Turn to floating shelves and open concept shelving solutions to create more room for your things and to guide the eye upward. It’s a much better furniture choice than closed-off or boxy shelving if you’re looking to invite more light in your living room. Moreover, you can maximize your wall space by hanging baskets to store things.

3. Go for slim furniture

There’s not enough room for the large, bulky furniture you sometimes see in living rooms. In smaller quarters, slim furniture is the way to go. It still provides the functionality you need without crowding your space. A tall and slender shelving unit can work wonders in a living room where space is scarce.

4. Turn to a two-seater sofa

The sofa is typically the focal point of a living room. Therefore, you need to make sure you go for a style that matches the space. A two-seat sofa is more than perfect! Two-seaters are usually lower than a typically-sized one, which will add depth to your room. You could do away with the armchairs altogether and have either just one accent chair or a seat with storage.

5. Style the room with a ladder

Amp up the cozy with a storage ladder. Use it to store blankets and throws close to the couch. It’s a much prettier and more practical way than folding them, especially when you’re short on space. This way, you can just lean back and easily reach for a blanket when you’re sitting on the couch and watching TV or reading.

6. Go for furniture that pulls double duty

Multi-functionality is truly a virtue when decorating a small living room space. Think a coffee table that doubles as a dining room table. You could also skip on the coffee table and replace it with an ottoman or a pouf that can still offer you the same functionality a table does if you want to have a coffee, but you can also move it easily if you need to.

7. Use rugs to define space

Rugs can be an effective way to help separate different areas of your living room. Use one rug for the couch and coffee table zone and maybe another one if you’ve created a home office space in the same room. Play with color as well to create the same separation effect: Pick a rug that matches the color of the furnishings placed in the area that you wish to create.

8. Create extra storage with a window bench

Why not create a reading nook by the window? A bench with storage is perfect in this spot, especially if it’s by a bay window. You can use the bench to put away other items you want to keep out of sight. If your home still can’t fit everything without creating clutter, you can turn to self storage. This can be especially useful if you live in a small city apartment, which is generally less spacious. Costs for self storage generally low. Storage unit in Columbus, OH, average around $92/month. Renting a self storage unit in Houston ($94/month) and Charlotte, NC ($97/month) entails similar costs.

9. Choose sheer drapes to invite more light in

Opt for sheer drapes from floor to ceiling to add instant height to your living room. Make sure you hang them very close to the ceiling and allow them to slightly touch the floor for an effortless look. Moreover, choose drapes that match the color scheme of your walls, as color coordination in this spot is likely to create the illusion of a larger space.

10. Have fun with an accent wall

While the color scheme of room is predominantly neutral or white, creating an accent wall in a warm color is sure to make an impression. Think of it as a visual hug that’s meant to relax you. Be daring in your choice of color – paint it mint or choose a mixed patterned wallpaper. You could go for a subdued floral wallpaper for this space that you wish to draw the eyes to.

11. Make the room more spacious with a mirror

Adding a mirror to your living room is one of the simplest ways to create the illusion of space. Go for a larger one or add several of them. You could even hang your mirror(s) on the accent wall. This is an excellent choice, especially if this wall faces the window. This way, the mirrors can reflect the natural light coming from the window.

12. Wall-mount your media

Your TV and other media shouldn’t take up more floor space in your living room. The space beneath your TV can see much more practice usage. Use the walls to mount the TV, but make sure that it’s fixed at eye level, so watching TV can be comfortable. Moreover, you can look for ways to conceal your TV – a patterned cover can easily be installed.

13. Take the wow factor higher

Besides the accent wall, choose at least one piece of décor that stands out from the rest of the room. It’s a trick used to create a focal point that distracts from the actual size of the room. Choose a patterned throw pillow to go on the couch or a lively colored small painting.

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