23 Lighting Ideas that Brighten Up Your Event Space

Are you interested in some lighting ideas that could brighten up your event space? Know more in this article!


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When planning an event, it’s important to consider every detail to make your guests feel comfortable and excited. Never miss out on lighting for your events! Lighting can set the mood and create a specific atmosphere for your guests.

In this blog post, we will discuss 23 different lighting ideas that will brighten up your event space!

Let the event dictate how your lighting circumvents

One of the most important things to consider when planning your event’s lighting is the type of event you are hosting.

If you are hosting a formal event, then you will want to use softer and more subtle lighting. However, if you are hosting a party or other informal event, then you can be more creative with your lighting!

There are many different types of lighting design that you can use to brighten up your event space, so be sure to experiment with a few different options before settling on the perfect one for your event.

Here are unique ideas that you can utilize for your event space:

Customized neon letters and signs

The neon sign fad appears to be gaining steam. If you want to make your event space unique, this eye-catching illumination choice is ideal—you may use the neon sign to display your last name or a cheeky phrase for an amusing photo backdrop behind your head table.

Make your theme glow with GOBO

Using a custom GOBO created with a source-four light fixture adds a unique branding opportunity and interesting aesthetic to any room. GOBO or stencil lighting is particularly appropriate for small companies since it may be customized to match any brand or concept.

LED for pixel tube lighting

These lights have caught fire in the planning business to brighten up your event space, not only because of their unusual appearance but also due to how simple they are to use and install. These wireless baton-shaped tubes can be placed just about anywhere to illuminate an area and provide a unique aspect to a keynote presentation while also generating a variety of lighting effects.

You can make them come to life when you have individual LEDs or pixels under your control, which results in spectacular effects.

Integrate moving LEDs and GOBO’s

This excellent combination may be used to set the tone of the event, entertain guests, and call attention to any structural elements you want to emphasize even if you don’t have a lot of room for additional décor items.

Fairy lights to greeneries

Fairy lights are used to decorate a range of DIY natural greenery displays to create garlands in interesting ways that you may easily duplicate for your occasion.

Waterfall of string lights

If you’re going to use individual string lights to aesthetically brighten up your event space, save the walls of the venue by using clear wall hooks or thumbtacks to create your design. Alternatively, look for ones that are already completed on sites like Pottery Barn and Amazon.

Hanging rustic bulbs

Create stripped-back, rustic effects by using string-lit light bulbs with obvious elements to mimic vintage lighting. Replacing traditional bulbs with soft lighting can help set the tone for an evening event.

Outlining corners with LEDs

This fantastic LED entrance is a great way to spice up tents or temporary structures. It also serves as a distinct transition from the outside world to the gala within, altering the mood and vibe of those in attendance so that they are ready to enjoy themselves!

Walls as a canvas of stage light shows

For situations where you can’t make any modifications, such as a church, altering the tone of the occasion and generating a background color with lighting is an option.

Combining LED wash lights with GOBO moving lights inside created the cobweb effect against a backdrop to produce greater stage intensity.

Light your centerpiece up!

Battery-powered light discs placed underneath items like centerpieces, flowers, buffet displays, and pictures create a modest yet noticeable impact. They provide warmth and color to any event and go above and beyond typical candles by projecting light from below.

Candle markers for aisles and walkways

To create a lovely, intimate ambiance, use pillar candles to brighten up your event space or ceremony aisle. This is one of our favorite lighting ideas to reproduce at any kind of location, from garden weddings to formal ballrooms.

Play with bistro lights

Strands of bistro lights or Christmas lights will provide instant appeal and distinctiveness to your event, whether you’re hosting it at an outdoor location or an indoor venue.

Suspend them in rows from the ceiling over your lounge area, dance floor, or wedding reception tables to make a beautiful canopy of fairy lights.

Showering strands

To create an awe-inspiring atmosphere, hang dozens of draped LED string lights over a clear-top wedding tent—it’ll feel as though you’re celebrating beneath a glamorous night sky. A sailcloth tent will look fitting for this wedding lighting concept.

Chandelier supremacy

Why stop at one chandelier when you can have ’em all Crystal chandeliers provide a lavish and dramatic touch to your wedding decorations. If your venue does not already include chandeliers, consider hiring them from a local event stylist or decorator.

Accentuate with hurricane lanterns

To make it easy for your visitors to move about the location after dark, use candlelit lanterns on the main pathways at your site. If candles aren’t an option, you may achieve the same effect using battery-operated alternatives.

Uplight bare corners to add drama

To get the best out of LEDs, use them in conjunction with other lighting techniques, like certain uplighting planning trends and techniques that you can find online.

Oversized bulbs as lighting strands

When hanging them, begin at the plug end so you don’t pull them too far away that they can’t reach the outlet. Also, glass bulbs are a must-have. They’re more attractive and produce better illumination.

Varying pillar candle-lit staircases

Beautiful candles on staircases are a versatile way to brighten up your event space because they could fit both a minimalist and maximalist event style.

Vintage lanterns to dark areas

Old fashioned lanterns provide a unique touch to off-the-radar event locations. If you don’t have time to go thrifting for genuine vintage lanterns, you may make your own that are configurable for your event.

Disco balls, mirrors, and glittery chains

To add a little glitz to your top lighting layer, hang lights inside or around them. Or, if you want to really focus on them, shine an additional light or two.

Custom-theme your background scenery (night skies, blue seas, etc.)

If you want to display a particular picture, individual LED projectors are available for small spaces. If you’re confined to a smaller area, combine GOBOs and stencils or filters to produce the effect.

Associate lanterns with columns and tree branches

Make sure you test out your extension cord ahead of time to wrap trees with outdoor lights. Choose a good foundation (bare, leafless trunks are ideal) and double-check that it’s enough.

Uplight pipes and drapes

Fabric panels, when used in conjunction with appropriate uplighting, can be a fantastic technique to conceal unsightly features and set the tone for your event. “Pipe and drape” is the industry term for the exquisite fabric treatments observed at weddings of all sorts.

The lighting you choose sets the tone for your visitors’ experience. It’s critical to deal with reputable lighting professionals that are known for their efficiency, innovation, and exceptional service. Improve your lighting with Blingle! and bump them up to a whole new level!

These guys can help you decide on the perfect lights and can brighten up your event space by shouldering the entire installation process cozily. They are just one call away, so waste no time!

No matter what type of event you are hosting or planning, there is a lighting option that will accentuate your entire space suitably and make it more enjoyable for your guests! Be sure to experiment with the above mentioned lighting ideas until you find the one for you!

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