Sleek Ways to Incorporate Your Audio System into Your Décor

Sometimes, an audio system can look out of place inside your home. Audio systems are often bulky. It can be a challenge to properly position them to fit your interiors!

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Dell is known for its sleek designs and advanced technology. It has a variety of audio system components on its website. You can find a great assortment of products that can match your home’s design. You can use your Dell coupon code to purchase the right type of audio system to match your interiors.

Below are some sleek ways to incorporate your audio system into your home’s décor.

Create a Media Wall 

Creating a dedicated media wall is a clever way to blend in your audio system with your interiors. The wall should have enough space to contain the wires and cables. Making the wall a little darker or lighter than the rest of your interiors can make this wall pop. You can hang your TV at the center with a screensaver to accentuate the wall. Positioning the speakers at certain angles or hiding them behind the wall through custom screens concealing them are good ideas.

Build a Home Bar

If you love entertaining guests, then you can have a home bar to place your audio system in. Just make sure to  use the right model of audio components to fit into your design. A home bar is a great place to watch games or even the news. You can even watch TV there from anywhere in the living room if you placed the bar near it.

Get a Concealing Cabinet

A cabinet matching your interiors can conceal your audio system well. Smooth design and ergonomic handles can make the shelves seamless when the audio system is not in use.

Use Decorative Wall Covers

You can choose to place your bookshelf speakers on space-saving shelves in the wall. Some people like seeing them. Others do not. You can hide the speakers with decorative wall covers like those made of bamboo or rattan. These materials can deliver the sound while concealing your audio system. The effect can even add more life to your living space.

Hide in Plain Sight

If you do have a large bookshelf, you can place your audio system within those books. The speakers can go on each shelf without anyone noticing it. Positioning the speakers behind the books can also work well.

Enhance the Background Décor With the System

You can have your audio system colors customized to match background décor. Making them part of the wall can make your sound system seem like part of the wall.

Show Them Off

Getting large speakers can be the answer to your design problem. You can choose to put your speakers on display instead of hiding them. This can work if you get an audio system with a sleek, eye-catching design.


You can get the audio system that you want and incorporate it into your existing décor. Concealing or putting them on display is up to you. It depends on your taste and how you want your audio system to appear in your space.

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