The Steinbridge Group: Tawan Davis Brings Social Responsibility to Urban Real Estate

Thinking about purchasing a new home? Keep reading how this investment company in building socially resposbile homes!

The Steinbridge Group is a leading property development, investment and asset management company that takes a long-term approach to the neighborhoods and cities it works and invests in, providing attainable, high-quality housing to promote wellbeing and long-term growth.

In recent years, the Steinbridge Group has initiated an investment strategy focusing on acquiring and rebuilding attainable homes to lease to working-class families across major US cities. The company’s ultimate goal is to invest more than $2 billion, assembling a portfolio of several thousand homes.

Supported by a team of seasoned real estate professionals with billions of dollars of acquisitions, construction, development, asset management, investing, and leasing experience, the Steinbridge Group invests heavily in its staff and is always on the lookout for professionals with a passion for excellence.

Over the decades, it has become increasingly challenging for working-class families to secure quality, attainable housing options in cities across the United States. Years of gentrification is forcing many out of the area, with skyrocketing rents, rising inflation and spiraling energy bills stretching working-class families to the limit.

Leveraging Tawan Davis’s innovative new model, the Steinbridge Group presents a solution to shortages of family-friendly, attainable properties in gentrifying cities across the United States. After all, these cities could not function without millions of workers to support them, and as Tawan Davis asserts, the people who work there should be able to live there too. Teachers, postal workers, and firefighters are all hard hit by housing price increases. However, the Steinbridge Group presents a sustainable solution, offering attainable and high-quality homes to ease the strain for working-class families.

Responding to the lingering effects of the 2008 economic downturn, Tawan Davis, founder and CEO of the Steinbridge Group, crafted a $425 million strategy geared towards providing single-family rental and small multi-family residences in major transitioning cities.

For Tawan Davis, the math behind this move is simple. As he points out, US home ownership has dropped by 17%, with the average couple renting for 6.6 years before buying, compared with 2.2 years in the 1980s. For investors and developers, venturing into the rental space presented a lucrative yet short-lived focus on high-end apartments, with construction competition driving up costs and lowering returns. For far too long now, developers have failed to invest in creating attainable homes for average American families. While others were slow to grasp the opportunities, shortsightedly focusing on profits alone, the Steinbridge Group responds to core needs in thoughtful and humanizing ways.

Relocating to Philadelphia from New York, CEO Tawan Davis operated with the ethos of ‘well done is better than well said’, a phrase coined by Philadelphia’s beloved Benjamin Franklin.

As Tawan Davis pointed out when embarking on his ambitious project in real estate, less than 2% of US rental homes were owned by institutional lenders. Instead, the vast majority were owned by private individuals, many of whom lacked the resources to properly maintain their properties. The Steinbridge Group set about acquiring houses, improving them and investing resources to keep them in top condition for families.

Fueled by his upbringing, Tawan Davis’s ‘latent asset theory’ centers around recognizing the deeper value in people and communities. Behind the Steinbridge Group lies a business proposition rooted in preserving pride and investing in hidden talent rather than displacing and uprooting untapped American dreams. As Tawan Davis himself concedes, without similar grounding and good fortune, his own story would be quite different.

The Steinbridge Group not only provides working-class families with high-quality, attainable homes but also creates hundreds of jobs, fueling growth in communities as well as the businesses it partners with.

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