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If you plan to build your home or start a new investment, remember that it is an opportunity to customize and create a space however you see fit! offers designs of unique and modern houses. If you are a company that needs assistance in the process of construction and brand building, Costerion offers many services to cater to your needs. Keep reading to find out more!

Planning to build a house, make it your home and take advantage of the opportunity to  customize a space that is ideally suited to everyone’s needs. After all, NEW HOME is the place to bond with those you love and entertain new friends. The house you build should be a perfect  match to the land you decide to live on. Additionally, a designed home needs to be environmentally friendly so that it meets the latest standards. Although it will cost more to implement these environmental systems at first, you will save on maintenance fees down the road.

Ready Made or Original Design 

When you commit to building a home, you will have a lot of choices, and one of the  most important selections will be to choose between a Prefabricated home or a custom  home that is special and unique to you. For each choice, you get to check out designs,  photos of the construction process, and the final product. Get some expert opinions from people who have purchased a new home, both from original designs and pre designed homes. Check discussion boards and forums for advice, tips, and  information that can help you decide on the type of home to buy. Some advantages of a predesigned home are shorter investment times, a sense of security knowing that these  homes have been tested and optimized for lower costs during construction, and that these designs have been looked over many times. Pre Designed homes have many advantages, however choosing the Original Design option has its own attractive aspects such as being able to customize your home to your needs. Before you make the choice between the two, take advantage of the project consultancy services to determine which solutions are most optimal for you.

If you are looking for an Original design, we can help! We can research and gather  the specific requirements in terms of space, planning, and the appearance of the  house tailored to your specifications. Your original design may require a plot of  land with an unusual shape or size and we are happy to accommodate you in this  venture. You will need an architect who understands your needs and listens to  every creative detail in order to develop your dream house. While an original design  can cost more than a prebuilt design, your house will be original and a space you  can really relax and entertain in, and best of all – call home.

Another more advanced solution to your new home is the adapted project.

When there are many possibilities like partitioning walls, doors, and window locations along with smaller elements, customers have the option of deciding to introduce these small changes” – says Marcin Kostka, owner of the Costerion company.

Just because you choose the predesigned option, it does not mean that you can’t change it! When selecting a premade project, always ask questions as to what extent the project can be modified. A great architect will always have the answers. To see exceptional example of both methods, you can go where you can purchase a plan of your future house.

Understanding Your Own Unique Needs 

The first step in designing a home is to create a checklist of ideas and decide on  what you want most. This applies to making modifications to a premade design and  to a custom home. If you are working with an architect, do not be afraid to  communicate your ideas so that you can talk about it with him and get feedback.  The size of the home can vary depending on how many people you plan to live in it  with. You don’t want to spend money on space that you don’t need. As for the  space you want, that is up to you! If you like working from home, then you can add  an executive study room to cut business expenses while creating a quiet space.  Plan on having friends and family over for long luxurious weekends? Consider  adding guest rooms to accommodate them comfortably. Utility rooms like the  laundry, pantry, and basements or sunrooms for extra entertaining space are also  necessities to consider. Remember to add a recreation room to explore your  creative pursuits. You ultimately want and need an original design that will allow for  unlimited possibilities. If you want a more simplistic approach, then a premade  design just might be the answer for you. Check out for more information.

Planning Your Space 

When planning your space, there are some basic principles to consider. The living  room and dining room should ideally be looked towards the south and southwest side to get a lot of natural light from the sun. When you eat your meals or spend time with friends and family it is always nice to do it in the warmth of the sun. To make sure you take advantage of the sun you would also want bigger windows, a staple of modern design, along these rooms. Another way to use the sun is to align  your solar panels towards the sun to get as much solar energy as possible. This will  save you money and help the environment.

Other factors to consider would be to divide your house into smaller zones. The day  zone consists of room like the living room, dining room, kitchen, office, guest  rooms, and bathrooms. It would be best to choose to have these rooms have  access to natural lighting. The other zone is the night zone which consists of master  bedrooms, adjoining baths, walk-in closets, kids’ room, and play areas. These rooms  do not need as much sunlight, but they need more privacy, away from activity of  potential guests. Finally, there is the communication zone that consists of rooms  that everyone in the household can be in to feel connected to each other while  enjoying the space.

We can tell you all about how to properly organize spaces, but it’s hard to visualize  how these spaces look like in the proper place. Words can only do so much to show  you the potential of your future house. To help you visualize your future house,  Costerion offers services like virtual walk throughs of the house to let you have a  visual experience with the future space. If the planning becomes too complicated,  then we can guide you through the process. For more information you can check  out As a company or as an individual, Costerion is able to supply the technology and supplies to bring the building from thought to reality.

Getting the Right Materials 

One of the most crucial aspects of building a home is to use the right materials. You  want a house to last for decades, to be sturdy, and of well-built construction.  Whether or not you are looking to build a home or a company trying to get  materials for a house, it is always important to have access to the materials you  need right away. Think about the various possibilities available when choosing  construction technology. You have choices between ceramics, concrete, wood  (including wooden beams to accentuate the home), or the most expensive  materials, or use a majority of prefabricated elements which can save you money and time. The right building materials are also key to achieving optimal energy  efficiency.

An environmentally efficient home will save you money time and time again. A well  built, environmentally friendly home requires less energy to heat and cool resulting  in affordable energy bills and fewer headaches. Insulation materials can range from  mineral wool, foamed polystyrene, or polyurethane foam. The amount of material  used and the selection of the most effective in a given category is important.

All of this leads to the question of where do you find these materials? This can be a  very stressful part of the process and it can seem overly complicated, however if  you go to you can buy/find building materials  dedicated to your projects all in one place.

From planning, to designing, and to construction, the whole process can seem very  convoluted with all of the different people that need to be involved. However, with  our partnership with other companies, we can make this  process very seamless and efficient for you. If you are a company looking to have a  lot of these steps done efficiently, or an individual trying to build their dream home,  then Costerion is for you.

Smart Home Technology 

Lighting adds a special touch and a sense of warmth to any home. Effectively,  illuminated elements of the house bring out the beauty and charm of the  architecture, creating an atmosphere to be desired. Lighting adds a special  ambiance in a garden, allowing you to admire and enjoy the landscaping in the  evening. It also has a special significance in keeping your home safe with lighted  driveways and garages.

When designed a modern house, there are options to add smart home elements  (IBMS or IIBMS). Modern building management systems can help to optimize  energy consumption in the home by controlling the central heating system, air  conditioning, heating elements in the floors, sprinklers, blinds, and even lighting  and alarm systems. These amazing technological wonders can allow you to manage  your home remotely to give a sense of added security and a feeling that you are  home – even when you’re away. There are very simple changes that can be done  that makes the old ways seem primitive. Examples of said changes can be smart  lighting and automation that will help with the way of living. As you enter the house,  the lights can turn on automatically or when you leave a room, the lights turn off  which can also help you save energy and money.

Building Supplies 

Aside from the materials used to construct the building, there are other aspects of the  building that are needed to give it that aesthetic finish and completion. These can be  windows, doors, and garage doors. Windows and doors are things you always go and look  in and out of, so when you go in and out you want to see beauty. With Costerion, you will  be able to handpick whatever kind of window or door you would like to add to your house.  To help you with that we also offer all of these essentials in the three-dimensional space.  We can, as said before, create rendering, visualizations, plans, and virtual tours to make  sure that your house is exactly how you want it to look.

Brand and Marketing 

If you are a company looking to build a house to sell, marketing is always important.  Costerion cooperates with a professional marketing agency that can build your company  with a marketing strategy plan from the logo to the website with online shops and social  media campaigns. If you want to check it out you can visit

Five Easy Redecorating Ideas that take Under Fifteen Minutes!

Re-decorate your home this season with some of these easy ideas!

Photos By: Pexels

Is your home looking a little boring, dull, and in need of new décor? Sometimes it’s all in the details and it’s the little things that can make a big difference and give your home a brand new look. We put together a list of some of our favorite decorating ideas that you can do in under 15 minutes! These easy projects will make a huge impact on your home’s decorating without spending an arm and a leg, and needing to hire a handyman. Keep reading to find out more!

Restyle Your Bookshelf

If your living room bookshelf is overloaded with books, think about rearranging it a bit to make a decorating statement. Break up the monotony of books and mix it up with decor accents and accessories like vases and small sculptures. You can also consider color coordinating your books to give your bookshelf a more cohesive and interesting look! Stack your books horizontally but also vertically to add interest and make some of your books stand out even more!


Hang Up Artwork

Purchasing artwork for your home can be a little intimidating, but thankfully there’s an easy way around it. A fool proof way to decorate your home with artwork is by ordering online art prints. There are tons of online stores where you can order art prints online and get them shipped to your door. Some popular themes this year are cactus art prints, geometric artwork, tropical leaves, and animal motifs. Once you get your artwork delivered all you need to do is pop it in a nice beautiful frame and hang it up on your wall. You can opt for one large piece that will act as a statement piece in your home or you can opt for a few smaller artwork pieces that you can group together as a collection on your wall. Whatever you choose, this is a great way to make your space come to life without much effort!

Decluttering your Space

This may not be a way to decorate your home but decluttering can trust me make a huge difference. If you have a bunch of knickknacks, souvenirs, and a necessary items cluttering your mantle, dining table, coffee table – it’s time to get rid of it. Take a few minutes to organize these things and you will see how your space bigger, brighter, and not so stuffy!

Change your Pillow Throw Covers

A super easy way to make your living room look instantly updated is by updating your pillow throw covers. This is such an easy and fun way to give your home a new vibe in under 15 minutes. For example, for the holidays you can switch up your throw pillows to have holiday themed motives and for summertime you can choose something bright and tropical. Whatever you choose keep in mind that pillow covers are so affordable these days on sites like Aliexpress where you can get them for a few dollars apiece!

Update Your Hardware

Nothing drags down a kitchen like old, dingy, and dated hardware. Purchase new kitchen cabinet handles and the drawer pulls to make your kitchen look instantly revitalized. There are tons of beautiful cabinet door handles and door pulls available on the market today that can instantly give your kitchen a whole new look for 2021! The best part of it all? It won’t cost you an arm and a leg and can take you minutes to install it!

Let Life Imitate Art With A New Living Room Set

Thinking about purchasing new living room furniture? Read this article first!

Photo By: Pexels

It’s not enough to only reward yourself sometimes; give yourself luxury and comfort you can live in and buy an entire living room set on sale! You will be amazed at just what you can get for the money from a site like this. With so many choices, it would be dizzying if not for the array of search options. Low-coat guarantees and financing take the worry and sting out of pulling the trigger, and these people even do free delivery, and set-up on-site for most purchases; talk about stress-free shopping.

Hey wait, yes, let’s talk about stress-free shopping! Besides the usual tips about only buying from the best, most respected makers and a radically diverse selection, the site linked above even has a team of commission-free consultants you can call to help make those difficult decisions. I highly recommend the experience, as it’s always good to have an impartial third party to bounce things off of. I know my spouse was painfully unhelpful when we tried to choose a couch together. So, if you don’t have a best friend with a killer aesthetic sense and encyclopedic knowledge of modern home design solutions, consider these folks a close second!

Don’t think you have to settle for mismatched living room furniture picked for price when you can afford a whole unit for a fraction of the regular cost. Just imagine a coordinated set of furniture chosen to match your unique sense of style, being sure it’s easily affordable and delivered right to your door, and make it happen. Stop talking yourself out of it; fewer creature comforts are worth the investment as a good comfy couch and lounger. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high traffic room or your own private office: there is just something about a new chair, love seat, or couch that nothing else can beat.

There have seldom been so many well-regarded makers selling their sets at such low prices all in one place. So live a little! You don’t have to worry about anything as painful as biting the bullet, squeezing blood from a stone, or spending an arm and a leg. Save yourself and your bottom line the injury of buyer’s remorse or having to settle for something merely close enough. There are thousands of options to choose from, quickly and easily filtered down to an array of options even the most discerning designer would be happy to use. A Living room is meant for living, so stop folding blankets, scooting the cushions around, or otherwise forcing comfort into a seat that’s past its prime.

If your home is the frame, then your furniture is the art. Live your life in full, now. There’s no reason to wait for sales when so many manufacturers gather into one place; you will always find a maker with clearance, last year’s models, or just inventory to reduce. With a palette as rich and diverse that, there’s always a style and set-up that will not only complement your space but set it off- finally turning your house into a home or accentuating a perfect space into something truly sublime.

Home Improvement Projects Kids Can Help With

These home improvement ideas are the perfect projects that you can do with your kids!

Photos By: Unsplash

Household improvement and construction can be a drag. For example, when rebuilding a bathroom, your bathroom could be out of commission for several days. This means that you have to find another place to use all of the facilities until your bathroom is complete. Bathrooms are a trendy renovation in homes, and they can turn out very pretty and well done. 

But, several other home improvement projects may not be as overwhelming and require outside help. These projects are some that you can do with your kids. Hard work at a young age, through responsible and supervised projects, such as home improvement projects, can be a great way to instill a sense of pride and work ethic in your children. 

DIY Outdoor Playsets 

Building your outdoor playset can save you a ton of money. The premade treehouses, swings, and sandboxes can cost a fortune, but starting to develop sandboxes and swings as a weekend project can help avoid having to pay this massive fee.

Not to mention how comfortable and kid-friendly these projects are. If you are interested in getting your kids involved with household projects, these outdoor playthings, such as sandboxes and swings, can be a great place to start. Your kids will be thrilled that they are getting a new swing or jungle gym, so they will be happy to help out with the project. 

Shop for Supplies With Them 

It is hard for some of the more significant home improvement projects to get your kids fully involved with them. There could be dangerous power tools and nails sticking out of the floorboards, so you probably don’t want your kid around. But, one thing you will always need during these projects is tools and materials. 

You can always take your kids shopping for the materials and supplies you will need at the hardware store. Plus, this can give them a good education of what is to come in the future when they have to do their projects. 

Starting a Garden

Starting to make a garden with your kids is a great way to do a small project that must be maintained daily. Making a garden is one of the easiest projects to do in terms of hard labor, building, and power tools, but it is also one of the hardest to maintain because of how much attention they need.  A garden is a perfect way to show a young child responsibility, and there is an excellent reward afterward. 

No significant job should go unpaid, and because it was your children helping with the projects, you can not just hand them a paycheck. Instead of paying your kids with money, take a family trip somewhere enjoyable to show them that all of their hard work did not go undervalued. 

If you are looking for a great vacation spot, there is a lot of real estate for sale in Whistler. Whistler is one of the most relaxed ski resorts in North America, and there is something fun for everyone to do at these resorts and available houses for rent and purchase. More importantly, your kids will have learned that hard work pays off.

Furniture At Work® Advises on Office Health and Safety Standards During COVID-19

Stay safe while working from home with these safety standards!

All Photos By: Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in governments around the world implementing measures to try to slow the spread of the virus. For many countries, this meant several months of lockdown, where all non-essential businesses were closed, and people were told to stay in their homes as much as possible.

Many countries are now beginning to relax these rules, but there are still strict rules in place regarding social distancing and other measures designed to keep people as safe as possible. For those that have returned to their place of work, things probably look very different.

The current advice in the UK states that people should work from home if it is possible for them to do so. However, there are many roles which require a physical presence in an office or other workspace. For these workplaces, employers have a responsibility to maintain the highest possible standards of health, hygiene and physical distancing for all employees, which includes performing a risk assessment before people return to work.

Furniture At Work provides a comprehensive range of protective screens and guards to help promote social distancing and keep people as safe as possible. The current guidelines state that all employees should ideally be kept two metres apart during the working day. Adding protective screens to each workstation helps employees to feel reassured that they are at minimal risk of contracting the virus while at work.

Other measures that workplaces should be implementing include practices that minimise contact and limit the amount of people each employee must communicate with in person each day. This includes establishing an infrastructure that requires minimal sharing of equipment and having fixed teams in place so each ‘bubble’ can be kept separate from others.

Specific work areas should be marked out with paint or tape to help people maintain social distancing, signage should be provided to help people stay two metres apart, and people who have to work closely should be set up to work side by side rather than face to face, to help prevent transmission.

Cleaning and sanitation are an essential part of keeping staff healthy in any business in 2020. If you want to keep COVID-19 out of your home, it is essential to learn how to stay safe and clean your workplace properly. All employees should be provided with hand sanitiser and any cleaning products that may be required, which should be of the correct potency to kill coronavirus germs. Staff should not only be provided with access to proper sanitation facilities, but also trained in how to use them effectively.

Cleaning should be performed regularly, particularly in high-traffic areas such as corridors or lifts. Employers should also be taking the time to talk to their staff regularly so that any concerns they may have can be discussed and dealt with, inform them of any additional support measures being put into place, and check up on their general health and well-being.